A Solution for Heat Stress has Finally Arrived!

Fire-Dex is proud to introduce TECGEN71, a Fire-Dex exclusive outer shell. TECGEN71 is designed to lessen heat stress by improving THL (Total Heat Loss), reducing weight, and increasing the flexibility of three-layer composites (outer shell, thermal liner, and moisture barrier).

TECGEN71 composite systems are more flexible, lighter weight, and more breathable, yielding a 48% higher THL without sacrificing TPP (Thermal Protective Performance) or durability.

“TECGEN71 proves that greater than 310 THL is achievable in reducing heat stress,” says Fire-Dex President, Steve Allison.  “The test results and in-field feedback from firefighters have amazed our team and those users testing it. We will continue to forge ahead and expand our products to protect firefighters – today and tomorrow.”

In September of 2015, Fire-Dex acquired TECGEN® PPE. Immediate research and development of the TECGEN® fiber for application to NFPA 1971 started with Milliken & Company, headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Milliken shares a long history of innovation and design. The results led to the development of TECGEN71, engineered with the durability and strength of Nomex® and Kevlar® from DuPont. TECGEN71 is exclusively available in Fire-Dex FXR turnout gear, which offers the most ergonomical design in the fire service.

Learn more about this game changing outer shell at firedex.com/TECGEN71/.

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