A Strong Attraction

A Strong Attraction

WRITES our good friend, Chief Chas. D. Toole, of Vero Beach, Fla.:

“We have Thirty-two Volunteers here and each and every one of them read FIRE ENGINEERING as soon as the copies arrive. One of the great admirers of your magazine is the Mayor of our City, Alex McWilliams, who is also President of the Florida State Firemen’s Association and a Volunteer member of our deportment. He looks for it even before the daily newspaper.

“I don’t know any way you could improve FIRE ENGINEERING unless you were to publish it every week. We never want to miss a copy.”

Thanks for this ray of Florida sunshine, Chief Toole. Just as FIRE ENGINEERING is one of the “chief tools” of the Vero Beach Fire Department, so has the sparklingly progressive community of Vero Beach become one of the chief attractions along the east coast of Florida. It’s always nice to be in good company, isn’t it?

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