The following bill is now pending in the New York legislature, having been introduced at the instance of the New York State Firemen’s Association.

An Act for the Better Protection of Life and Property in Case of Fire, in the Cities and Villages of the State.

SECTION I. One year after the passage of this act, the couplings of all two and one-half inch fire hose, used by any of the fire departments or companies of any of the cities and villages of this State, shall be of uniform size and thread, which shall be as follows: three and sevcn-thirty-second inches; from shoulder to washer seat, one inch; six threads to the inch, V shaped, with top slightly flattened; horn band, three and seven-eighths inches diamete; female swivel, three and seven-eighths inches diameter outside.

SEC. 2. All connections for two and one-half inch hose on engines, hydrants, pumps or other machinery or implements on which such hose is used, for fire protection in the cities and villages of this State, shall, within one year after the passage of this act, be so altered by means of reducers or otherwise, that connection may be made with couplings provided for in the first section of this act.

SEC. 3. In case any city or village in this State shall fail to comply with the provisions of this act within one year from the passage thereof, any person, association or corporation who shall at any time suffer damage by reason of such failure shall have a cause of action against said city or village so failing to comply, and may recover any damage so suffered by an action in the Supreme Court of this State.

—Springfield, Mass., is considering the establishment of a Fire Patrol, and one of its papers which appears to be prejudicial to the scheme, says: “Worcester, which has been quoted as having an efficient brigade, is already rather sick of its bargain on account of the expense, the annual cost of supporting it being about $4500, of which amount $1200 is paid by the city.” And a Worcester paper which cannot be otherwise than friendly to its own magnificent Salvage Corps says: ” Evidently the Union does not know what it is talking about, as Worcester property owners would be heard from most emphatically if a proposition was made to abolish the Fire Patrol. A man with a wheelbarrow and pair of blankets may do for Springfield, but Worcester is satisfied with the present arrangement.” This is ** sarkasm,”

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