On August 20, Harry Howard, one of the oldest of New York’s firemen, former chief of the volunteer fire department of days now long gone by entered on his seventyfirst year. Thirty years ago this month that old department ceased to exist, but to day its former chief, though somewhat travail-worn, and battered, aud scarred, is mentally as sound as in the earlier days when he led the valiant “laddies” that “ran with the machine.” Notwithstanding his paralytic stroke of several years ago, he still shows wonderful activity. The public, when the fast decreasing ranks of the old fire “ laddies ” turn out each year with Howard hobbling at their head, still cheer him and them to the echo.

Howard was born on August 20, 1822 in the old Twelfth ward, aud even as a small boy never allowed a fire in his neighborhood to be without his presence. He became a regular member of the volunteer department, and rapidly advanced in the ranks, first to foreman, then captain, later, assistant engineer, and finally, chief of the department. His reputation for bravery is undying. During his career he saved at least elven lives at fires, never heeding the risk to his own.

Politically “Harry” Howard was a factor in his day. too. He was alderman in the old Sixth Ward, was member of assembly for the same district, and he has held several county offices of trust.

The Exempt Firemen’s Association of this city visited Troy this week to attend the Firemen’s State Convention. They were commanded by Hon. Robert B. Nooney and paraded in Troy with their old “ goose neck ” engine. “ Harry ” Howard was with them.

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