While Lambertville. N. J., had no serious fire among the fifteen with which it was visited last year, yet there is no doubt that,had it not been for the vigilance and promptness of Chief Van Sciver and his men considerable destruction would have resulted in more than one instance. As the report points out:

Promptness on the part of the active firemen is deserving of special mention, and it affords the chief pleasure to express his approbation of their efforts. * * * During the year there has been more activity among the members of the department. Seventy per cent, of the members answered to roll after alarms of fire. * * * There is a corresponding feeling of interest among the citizens towards the firemen, and at no time in the history of the department have fire matters received so much consideration. Eight hundred feet of new hose were added during the year.

Chief Van Sciver encourages No. 4 company in the efforts to purchase a new steamer, and suggests the addition of two fire extinguishers apiece to companies 1,2, and 4. He likewise suggests that the council should

offer some inducements to owners of teams, or give the chief power to do so, so that at the time of an alarm the first one responding and drawing the engine or engines to, and from a fire should receive the amount stipulated. This plan works to advantage in other departments.

Chief Van Sciver thanks Assistant Chiefs O’Loughlin and Arnett and the firemen generally for their good services during the year. The fire department consistsof 172 active member.— 183 members altogether,attached to four companies, and there are besides in connection with the department eleven factories provided with various appliances for extinguishing fires. The apparatus consists of one second-class steam engine,one thirdclass steam engine, one hook and ladder truck, equipped, one four-wheeled hose carriage, and three two-wheeled hose carts. The Lambertville Firemen’s Relief association has assets amounting to $5,970.09.

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