Abilene, Tex., Has New Fire Alarm

Abilene, Tex., Has New Fire Alarm

On Saturday September 11, the Mayor and Commissioners of Abilene, Texas, tested and inspected the new Gamewell fire alarm system consisting of a six circuit storage battery switchboard, six circuit repeater, sixty-five Hercu_____ite succession boxes, and gongs and registers on two separate circuits at each of the present two fire stations. A time stamp records the time of all signals received and automatic light switches light up the entire fire station at night. The fifteen non-interfering excelsior boxes formerly located in the business district were installed on one circuit in the outlying residential district. After the inspection the system was duly accepted by the Mayor and Commissioners and the system formally turned over to Chief Frank J. Ferrier who was mainly responsible for its installation. Nathan Jolliff, son of Guss Jolliff who for over twenty years was superintendent of the fire alarm system at Shreveport, was appointed superintendent of fire alarm.

On Monday, September 11. the public inspection of the two new fire stations took place and hundreds of citizens and their families and the city officials with their families visited the stations where the hand of The Majestic Theatre entertained the visitors. Demonstrations of the operation of the fire alarm system were made every few minutes and the visitors were instructed how to operate the fire alarm boxes. The Mayor told the Superintendent of schools, to arrange for all schools to bring the children to the fire stations in the near future so that they could see how to operate the boxes and become acquainted with the firemen and fire apparatus. The boy scouts will also be brought to fire headquarters for instruction.

The Fire Defenses of Abilene, Tex. 1—Gamewell box mounted on a lamp post2—Central Fire Station and apparatus;3—No. 2 fire station with some of the men of the company

Mayor Coombes and the Commissioners were highly pleased with the attendance at the reception and several citizens praised the administration for their part in giving the citizens two new fire stations with all modern equipment and the new fire alarm system.

Double Chemecal Tank Delivered to Hebron, Ill. The Pirsch-Ford double tank chemical and hose car equipped with forty gallon chemical tanks was delivered to Hebron, Ill.

Charlestown, Mass., Fireman Hurt by Extinguisher—A member of Ladder Company No. 17. Charlestown. Mass., was seriously hurt when a hand extinguisher exploded as he and another fireman were extinguishing a blaze. Pieces of iron struck him on the chest, chin and shoulder.

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