About Atlanta’s Fires.

About Atlanta’s Fires.

To the Editor :

I trust that you will pardon me for troubling you with the following correction. I would not pay any attention to it were it not that within less than 30 days this City has been credited with two large fires and such is not the case. On January 9th we had a fire in a three-story drug house. It originated in the third floor and the first thing we had to fight was a full size barrel of alcohol—the third floor being used as a laboratory. We were fortunate to confine this fire to the floor in wdiich it originated. The damage to the building was $2,217. On account of the very inflammable material the fire had to feed on we were compelled to use a great deal of water which caused a damage to the very large stock in the building of about $41,000, making a total loss of $43,217. This fire was telegraphed all over the country as not less than a $100,000 blaze, for which your paper very properly gave Atlanta credit for such a fire.

On February 9th we had a fire in a large livery stable, 50 by 200 feet, four stories high. . This fire originated in the fourth story, which had been unoccupied for several months. The last occupant was a dental college. The first discovery of this fire was by an explosion in the fourth story. As soon as the department arrived we made an effort to get to the top floor when several other explosions occurred and I immediately ordered the men out of the building, The building was surrounded and we succeeded in confining it to the fourth story, losing nothing but the roof of the building. With that exception the damage is very slight and has since been settled, giving a damage to the building of $6,800 ; damage to contents $770, making a total loss of only $7,570. This fire has been quoted, and was telegraphed by the Press Dispatch reporters, as being a $60,000 fire.

I ask that you make this correction in justice to this department, as the papers throughout the country has quoted us as having two large fires when such is not the case. No doubt the reporters in sending out the notice estimated the loss at what they thought it would be, because neither fire was under control at the time their telegram was sent out and of course was mere guess work.


Chief Fire Dept.

ATLANTA, GA., Feb. 19.

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