Absolutely Reliable!

Absolutely Reliable!

YOU can’t make a mistake when you confine your drinking to the stuff that flows under bridges, so long as it is pure. The boot-legger loses out, but you gain, both in profit and in being safeguarded against the after-effects.

According to our old friend Bill Bywater, years after an experience of nearly twenty years is confirmed by the experience of our readers generally, the advertising in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is equally reliable. Chief Bywater writes:

“I have been a constant reader of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING since 1904 and during that period have read many articles of great worth to any man engaged as a public servant in the fire service of this country. Another thing I have always observed has been the absolute reliability of the firms and corporations advertising in your journal. This has always been a source of great satisfaction, as I knew that when I wrote to one of the firms advertising that I would get exactly what I was after. I cannot too highly recommend your paper to persons desiring information along these lines.”

(Signed) Wm. H. By water, Chief of Fire Dept., Salt Lake City, Utah.

May 12, 1923.

Another significant letter from the head of the Bloomington, Ill., Water Department:

“FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING assumes the role in the technical journal world that a great many men do in this age of specialization, confining itself directly to the things that are of vital interest to every fire and water executive.

“Of the five technical papers that I now subscribe for, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING would be the last one that I would give up.

“I estimate that 60 per cent, of the water works supplies purchased (by the water departments) are advertised in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.

“The water works superintendent who does not read understandingly technical contributions such as are found in your journal is going to be lost in the great sea of the survival of the fittest.”

(Signed) C. C. Williams, Supt. Water and Light, Bloomington, Ill.

April 4, 1923.

Looks as though advertising in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING was pretty thoroughly read, doesn’t it?

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