Activities of the Denver Department

Activities of the Denver Department

The extensive activities of the Fire Department of Denver Col., for the past year are described by Chief John F. Healy in his printed annual report.

The department cooperated with other branches of the city government in alleviating suffering among the unemployed. The men voluntarily subscribed six days pay and in addition to this $15,000, a sum of $20,000 was diverted from the Fire Department appropriation to that of the Department of Health and Charity. Toys were repaired and distributed in cooperation with the Denver Post.

The rescue squads attended 107 emergency cases. Of the 72 human lives involved, 33 were saved. The department considers this a very good record, since the squads were often called after the patient had been pronounced dead.

During the past year the department responded to 2,220 alarms, of which 232 were false or unnecessary.

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