Adequate Clarksburg, W. Va., Water Works Under Good Management

Adequate Clarksburg, W. Va., Water Works Under Good Management

Engineer S. F. Newkirk, of the National Board of Fire Underwriters recently completed an inspection of the machinery and equipment of the Clarksburg, W. Va., water board, of which Scotland G. Highland is secretary and general manager. His report shows that the Clarksburg water works is well managed and that the water supply is adequate. The report states that considerable improvements to the system have been made since the report of 1919. In 1922 the timber dam at West Milford was replaced by a concrete dam, increasing the storage to 140,000,000 gallons. A new intake has been constructed at dam No. 1, connecting with a new suction well through a 30-inch concrete conduit. From the suction well the low-lift pumps draft through two lines one of which is connected to a 16-inch cast iron pipe from the old intake.

Scotland G. Highland, Gen. Mgr., Water Bd., Clarksburg, W. Va.

A 6,000,000-gallon, steam, high-lift, a 4,000,000-gallon, gas, high-lift and a 4,000,000-gallon, gas, low-lift pump have been installed. An additional sixteen-inch pipe has been laid from the coagulation basin to the filters. An additional twentyfour inch suction line has been laid from the clear water well to the new high-lift pump and a sixteen-inch discharge pipe from the new pump to the force and supply mains. In 1920, an 800,000-gallon, coagulating basin was constructed, increasing the capacity of the basins to 1,400,000 gallons.

Four additional rapid sand filter units havd been installed, increasing the aggregate rated capacity of the filters to 6,000,000 gallons a day. (The filters will operate at a fifty per cent overload, bringing the daily capacity of the filters up to 9,000,000 gallons a day).

Consumption has decreased since 1918. The daily average pumpage to the city for the year ending September 1, 1924, was 3,190,000 gallons. The decrease in consumption has been effected by a more universal use of meters, forty-three per cent, of the service connections now being equipped.

In the distribution system, the length of mains has been increased 14.88 miles, part of which was by purchase of a private water company.

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