Advantage Fitness Products helps revamp San Francisco (CA) Fire Department fitness facilities

Advantage Fitness Products (AFP), a leading provider of full-service fitness facility planning, design, supply and service, has recently completed work on behalf of the city and county of San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD). AFP supplied specialized equipment and provided training support helping the department meet the revised International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) fitness protocol.

The IAFF’s revised protocol recommended new standards for all in-house fitness facilities to ensure they are more up-to-date and maintained. With a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), SFFD chose AFP out of four competing providers, and publically awarded the $500,000 project to enhance its existing facilities throughout the county. In total, 47 fire stations and SFFD administrative sites in San Francisco received fitness equipment as well as the Department headquarters.

“We take great pride in the work we provide for municipalities and departments of public service, particularly with the brave men and women that risk their lives every day protect us, our cities and our homes,” said Bryan Green, President and CEO of AFP. “Health & Fitness directly impacts the quality of all of our lives, but for these brave individuals, it’s is a matter of life and death every day.”

“AFP is working closely with our Health and Fitness Coordinator and our Fitness Trainers to ensure that the equipment meets their needs,” said San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson, Mindy Talmadge. “We are looking forward to raising the awareness of our members to the importance of their physical well-being and of supporting their continued efforts in making their good health a priority.”

Each of the SFFD houses’ old equipment was replaced by state-of-the-art equipment from leading manufacturers Precor and Paramount. The 47 stations received a variety of top products including Precor EFX ellipticals, recumbent bikes, stair climbers, power rack benches, weights and Paramount Functional Trainers. Over 350 pieces of equipment were supplied throughout the county.

In addition, AFP will provide a critical preventative maintenance program freeing the SFFD of the time-intensive and costly maintenance and repairs. The preventative maintenance program will maximizes the life of the equipment and the value of SFFDs overall investment.

Strengthening AFPs bid for this extensive project was its extensive experience serving municipal organizations, and more specifically, Fire Departments. In addition to AFP’s work with the SFFD, it has provided fitness equipment for all new Phoenix Fire Department (PFD) stations over a 5-year span. Since the recent housing boom in Phoenix, more than 50 stations are being built throughout the county, with AFP participating in the development of uniform fitness centers for each of them. The PFD is widely recognized as one of the nations’ most physically fit Departments. Each year AFP participates as a sponsor as PFD hosts an extensive trade show for departments around the country to attend.

About Advantage Fitness Products

Based in Los Angeles, California, Advantage Fitness Products is a leading provider of innovative fitness and wellness based solutions for commercial facilities worldwide, web based programming, and industry professionals alike. AFP offers expertise across multiple facets of the health & fitness industry, including facility design, supply and support, and provides tools assisting its clients in maximizing their investments in fitness. In all of its endeavors, AFP addresses the ever-growing need for a more active and healthy quality of life. For more information www.AFProducts.comor call 888-895-0547.

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