Aerial Ladder Tested at Cambridge, Mass.

Aerial Ladder Tested at Cambridge, Mass.

There was a large attendance at the demonstration of the new Pirsch aerial tower ladder truck in front of fire headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., on the afternoon of March 9. The new truck will be known as Ladder 1, replacing an old ladder truck.

Test of Pirsch Tower

Chief Herman E. Gutheim, of the Cambridge Fire Department, acted as host. A buffet luncheon was served in the basement of the fire house.

Among the Chiefs present were the following: Chief Henry A. Fox, Deputy Chief Thomas H. Downev, Deputy Chief William F. Quigley, and Edward E. Williamson, Superintendent of the Maintenance Division, Boston Fire Department; Chief Selden R. Allen, Brookline, PastPresident of the International Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief Daniel B. Tierney, Arlington, Past-President of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief Frank E. Newman, Melrose; Chief Ernest N. Barlett, Billerica; Chief Orville O. Ordway, Reading; Chief Charles L. McCarthy, Worcester: Chief William C. Mahoney, Peabody; Chief Frank Dickinson, Brockton; Chief Thomas H. Slaman, Wellesley; Chief Clarence R. Randlett, Newton; Chief George L. Johnson, Waltham; Chief William J. Sands, Quincy; Chief William H. Hill, Belmont: Chief Manuel Miguel, Manchester; Chief Homer R. Marchant, Gloucester; Chief John W. O’Hearn, Watertown; Chief Frank E. Tracy, Woburn; Chief Warren H. Belcher, Winthrop; Chief Michael Lawton, Middletown, Conn.; Chief William H. Welch, Lynn; Chief James S. Warnock, Swampscott; Superintendent Peter E. Walsh, Boston Protective Department; Percy C. Charnock, of the New England Insurance Exchange; and P. Hildreth Parker, of the New England Telephone & Telegraph Company.

Demonstrating the Ladder at Cambridge

Holyoke, Mass., is expecting delivery of a Mack aerial ladder and a 750-gallon triple combination pumper.

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