Against Raises in Beaumont, Tex.

Against Raises in Beaumont, Tex.

A member of the legislature has supported an opinion advanced by one of the city commission that a cut in salaries of city employees would be more in line than an appropriation for increases in pay. He stated that most city employees could not earn as much if they did not have political jobs.

Chief S. D. O’Connor had a letter published in the newspaper in defence of his department. He wrote that when he held his position by reason of political voting, then the city of Beaumont had no further use for him. Chief O’Connor stated that it was a rule that firemen were not to discuss politics on the streets or in the various fire stations.

Kelly in Charge of Springfield, Ill., Bureau—Captain T. J_ Kelly has been placed in charge of the Fire Prevention Bureau, Springfield, III.

Queens to Get Five More Fire Houses—Plans are to be drawn for five more fire houses to be erected in Queens borough, New York City, just as soon as the six now in the course of construction are in operation. This announcement was made by Hubert Tracy, in charge of New York: Fire Department Bureau of Repairs and Supplies.

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