Aid for Maimed British Firemen

Aid for Maimed British Firemen

Firemen in this country, who are this nation’s first line of civil defense, are deeply interested in Britain’s fire fighters, who are the first line of civil defense in England. Many of Britain’s fire fighters have fallen, in line of active duty, while many others have been maimed for life or are confined to hospitals. Meanwhile the wives and children of these men have to suffer.

Realizing this, the Executive Committee of the International Association of Fire Fighters decided that a British Fire Fighters’ Relief Fund would be sponsored by that association for British fire fighters, who have been maimed or injured as a result of enemy action, and their families. The objective of the program is as follows:

The International Association of Fire Fighters has created the fund, and officers of the International will supervise and direct the campaign to raise funds for this purpose. Every dollar of this fund will go directly to the relief of British fire fighters and their families.

The organization setup for the relief fund will have Fred W. Baer, President, and G. J. Richardson, Secretary, of the International, acting as national directors. The Vice-Presidents and Trustees of the International will act as regional directors.

The active Chairman of every city will be the Fire Chief of that city. In a city where a local of the International exists, a Co-Chairman will be appointed who will be the President of said local. It will be the duty of the Chairmen and Co-Chairmen to take care of the funds that they are raising in their respective cities. They will coordinate and create means by which funds can be raised, such as direct donations from members, hold dances, boxing matches, midnight shows and other events. The officers of the International will supplement the Chairmen’s work by providing material, which is fitting and constructive, to help the officers and Chairmen in their work. It is urged that the press and the radio be used to the fullest extent in promoting the entertainment and methods used in raising funds.

As a goal for the drive, it is expected that the equivalent of two dollars per fireman should be raised in every city, and that every volunteer fire company should have a goal of at least ten dollars per company.

British Embassy, and the Canadian Legation all have been contacted and have expressed their appreciation for such a gesture. A committee from the British Fire Fighter’s organization will distribute and allocate the funds to those fire fighters needing aid in Britain.

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