Air Compressor Fire Company

Air Compressor Fire Company

San Francisco. Cal., has what is believed to be the first air compressor fire company, with air operated tools and a compressed air operated device for removing gases from a building or supplying air to it. The apparatus was constructed at the department shops.

Lamb Air Mover

This apparatus has an air compressor of 315 cubic feet capacity at 100 pounds pressure and a number of reels of air hose. It carries a pavement breaker, jack hammer, pneumatic saw and other tools. It also has gas masks, forcible entry tools, etc.

Theapparatus was designed by Capt. Edward Lamb, San Francisco Fire Department. and is to be manufactured soon by one of the apparatus manufacturers.

Capt. Lamb has a patent on the air mover which is used on this truck, and which is being made by the Mine Safety Appliances Company. This consists of a nozzle as illustrated, an inlet and outlet for a compressed air line. In operation, the compressed air flows through the air line, by an opening at the base of the nozzle, and then out through another opening by way of a discharge line. As the compressed air rushes by the opening at the base of the nozzle, it sucks in and carries along with it some of the air or gas which it is desired to be removed. This mixture of gas and air is then discharged at a point outside of the building.

It is claimed by both the inventor and manufacturer that this device, which is made with either a three or six-inch nozzle, is capable of moving a large volume of air. Through a flow of fortyone cubic feet per minute of compressed air, fifty pounds pressure, it is possible to get a delivery of 561 cubic feet of air.

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