Air Force Base Host to Firemen

Air Force Base Host to Firemen

Hamilton Air Force Base Fire Department, Hamilton, Calif., was host to visiting firemen on Wednesday, May 25, 1955, the occasion being the monthly meeting of the Sonoma County Firemen’s Association.

Demonstrations and instructions were given at eight o’clock at the drill area, utilizing the type of equipment the local departments would use to work with in event an aircraft was down in their area, water fog. This was followed by a demonstration using the Air Force types 0-10 and 0-11A equipment. Chief W. H. Taft of the Base explained the type of equipment used and the effect of water fog on flammable liquids.

At nine o’clock the meeting reconvened at the Main Fire Station and a critique was held on the demonstration, during which time many questions were answered. The meeting was then turned over to the president of the association (Chief Burt Chadwick) and secretary (Dr. E. W. Rodgers). A motion was made to dispense with the business of the association and the Hamilton Air. Force Base Fire Department was asked to continue with the instructions to be used when an aircraft was down in their area.

Chief Taft then introduced Asst. Chiefs D. E. Basile, Samuel J. Blumenberg, and Keefer A. Pattan of the Hamilton Air Force Base Fire Department. The meeting was then turned over to Chief Pattan who gave data and demonstrations on release and ejection of canopies, ejection seats, proper procedure with which to approach a burning aircraft, precautions and protection to be used by firemen, precautions to use when aircraft is down in a heavily populated area, near hospitals, schools, etc., emergency entrance into aircraft, preservation of evidence and hazards involving armament. A fifteen minute critique was held at the end of the instructions, conducted by Chief Taft and Chief Pattan.

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