Air Jet Drain for Hydrants

Air Jet Drain for Hydrants

News of the Manufacturers

Jet Drain Engineering Company, Saginaw, Mich., has introduced a device which, it is claimed, will completely drain a fire hydrant in sixty seconds with a minimum of labor. The only extra equipment needed is a small portable air compressor.

Adams Jet Drain

Called the Adams Jet Drain, the device is described as constructed of non-corrosive bronze and easily attached to any standard fire hydrant.

The manufacturer explains the operation of the drain as follows: A drain-off hose extends down the barrel of the hydrant: a pressurized water lock is then tightened by hand. The air jet valve is plugged in, attached to the compressor and the hydrant is drained in sixty seconds.

The total weight of the new drain is given as less than five pounds.

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