Airborne Tillerman Floats Over Bumpy Roads

Airborne Tillerman Floats Over Bumpy Roads


To smooth out the ride of the tillerman, who took quite a shaking up while traveling up to 15 miles on secondary roads, we installed an air seat on our tractor-drawn aerial.

Some of our members had seen air seats in commercial tractor-trailer trucks, and after checking into them, we decided to try one for the tillerman. It has proved very satisfactory.

The seat assembly was bolted to the floor board at the tillerman’s position, and approximately 12 feet of 1/4inch copper tubing was run from a tee placed in the main air line to the flexible line for the seat. The flexible air line was connected to the copper tubing at the floor board so that the air line could be secured to the floor board. The tee was placed in the main air line coming from the front of the truck just before it entered the air tank for the rear wheel brakes.

Excluding the air-cushioned seat, the total cost of the copper tubing and fittings was about $10. All the air line and seat installation work was done by personnel on duty.

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