Akron’s Water Project

Akron’ss Water Project

Members of the finance committee of the Ohio senate came to Akron Saturday night to make personal investigation of the Tuscarawas reservoir project provided for in the bill now pending before the state legislature, says the Akron Times. The senators were entertained at a dinner given in the Firestone clubhouse under the auspices of the chamber of commerce. They will spend Sunday in looking over the watershed and surveying the big industrial plants of the city and its neighbors interested in the reservoir proposal, Barberton and Kenmore. W. E. Young presided at Saturday night’s dinner and presented the various features of the reservoir measure, prefacing his explanations with the statement that Akron was not asking the state of Ohio for the expenditure of a cent of public money, but on the contrary was only seeking the privilege of giving the state a great public improvement worth more than a million dollars. He emphasized the vital importance of an enlarged industrial water supply to a continuance of Akron’s manufacturing expansion and impressed the fact that the interest of Barberton and Kenmore industries in the water question made it essential that the reservoir should be a state, rather than a municipal project, even were it possible for the municipality of Akron to proceed with such an improvement as would meet the tremendous demands of the industries.

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