Al Herring Has Nervous Breakdown

Al Herring Has Nervous Breakdown

Albert Herring, Chief of the Fire Department of Murphysboro, Ill., is critically ill from a nervous breakdown which has temporarily affected his eyesight. At the I. A. F. C. convention held in Portland, Ore., in 1927, he was Chairman of the Exhibit Committee, and through his industry, succeeded in filling the large exhibit hall, and several large tents, which were necessary to house all the displays.

Chief Herring’s collapse followed a period of tense application to civic and relief duties. In addition to serving as head of the Fire Department and with a decreased force, he is supervisor of the city parks, cemeteries, all charity and relief work in the county besides other activities.

A local newspaper commented editorially:

“The city’s ‘most useful citizen’ should resign from about two-thirds of the unpaid jobs when he gets on his feet again, as everyone hopes he will, and then acquire just a little bit of Selfishness and a little thicker skin.”

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