“Al Smith” joins New York fireboat fleet

“Al Smith” joins New York fireboat fleet

Starboard view of New York Fireboat Alfred E. Smith shows jet auxiliary boat stowed in traveling position. Bow monitor is operated by electric remote control. Pilot house and stern monitors employ standard manual control

-Official New York FD photo

The “Governor Alfred E. Smith,” latest acquisition of the Marine Division, FDNY, was placed in service on October 5. Built at a cost of some $907,000 in Camden, N. J., by Mathis Shipbuilding Co., it is nearly identical to the Fireboats Wagner, Wilkes and Archer.

Constructed with a welded steel hull, it displaces 292 tons, measures 105 feet, 6 inches over-all length, has a beam of 25 feet, 6 inches and a draft of 9 feet. Two Enterprise 500-hp diesel engines coupled to twin Wegner controllablepitch propellers, give it a rated speed of 13 mph.

Two pumping engines, also 500-hp Enterprise, drive two Worthington pumps rated at a total capacity of 8,000 gpm. Safety features include Decca radar and Raytheon Fathometer installations.

A special feature of the new fireboat is the inclusion of an auxiliary fire-rescue craft on board to be launched as necessary. Built by Peterson Builders, Inc., Sturgeon Bay, Wis., with a welded aluminum hull measuring 20 feet in length overall, it has a 12-inch draft and an 8-foot beam. It is powered by a 200-hp Chrysler V-8 engine driving a Hanly Hydrojet propulsion unit and capable of speeds up to 23 mph with a rated pumping capacity of 600 gpm at 120 psi. A special valve permits maneuvering the craft while pumping at capacity.

Fire equipment includes a portable Akron Multiversal monitor, 400-feet of 2 1/2-inch hose and miscellaneous items. Water may be supplied to the monitor nozzle through two discharge valves located at the stem.

Water-jet fire-rescue boat standing by. Draft of 12 inches and freeboard of less than three feet permits craft to maneuver in shallow water and under close pier clearance

—Photo by James Heffernan

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