Alameda Conducts Mercantile Campaign

Alameda Conducts Mercantile Campaign

Chief William L. Hilbish, Alameda, Calif., Fire Department, has reported the results of the 1961 mercantile inspection during which Alameda’s fire companies visited all commercial establishments for the purpose of familiarization and elimination of fire hazards. There were 693 inspections conducted in the four-week inspection period.

According to the report, a reasonable degree of fire safety was found to exist in all of the establishments visited. Eighty-two violations of good fire safety practices were reported. Thirty-six of these required action by the fire prevention bureau for abatement. Where necessary, letters were sent to the property owner, stating the violation and the section of the Fire Prevention Code or Municipal Code that applied. A 30-day period for abatement was allowed in most cases and to date 85 per cent have been satisfactorily adjusted.

Fire companies traveled 145 miles and spent 164 company hours on their tours of inspection. Each occupancy was sketched by the firemen and information taken. The drawings and information sheets were made into a compendium which is now carried on all apparatus. In case of fire in any of the occupancies firemen have a record of the owner’s telephone number and they can easily get information from their books as to hazardous contents; gas, water and electricity shut-offs; and other pertinent information.

The companies were in service during the inspections with a fireman stationed beside an open fire alarm box to receive alarms or other signals. The fireman on watch had orders to sound the siren on the apparatus to call the company back if an alarm occurred.


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