Well Known Water Works Man Is Engaged to Carry Out $6,000,000 Improvement in New York’s Capital City

ALBANY, N. Y., has chosen Nicholas S. Hill, Jr., the well known water works consulting engineer, of New York City, to arrange for the proposed new water supply which the city has had under advisement for the past year. Mayor Hackett of Albany made this announcement on December 29, after the decision of the board of contract and supply of the city to employ Mr. Hill. In referring to the matter the mayor said: “Mr. Hill was picked solely upon his record. I believe Albany has picked the best man for the job, which will go on above all the other things that are needed for Albany.”

Nicholas S. Hill, Jr., Consulting Engineer, New York City

The program will cover an estimated cost of $6,000,000. It is said that the work of Mr. Hill in providing the new supply will consume from two to four years, as he will supervise selection of the site, installation of a plant and all other details of the project.

Mr. Hill was graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1892, and between 1893 and 1897, served as successively mechanical engineer of the South Side Elevated railroad of Chicago, engineer-secretary of the sewerage commission of Baltimore, Md., engineer of the electrical commission and chief engineer of Baltimore. In 1902-03 he was chief engineer of the water department of New York City and from 1912 to 1920 was president of the board of water commissioners of East Orange, N. J., and, for two of these years, also president of the Consolidated Water Company of suburban New York.

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Eng’r Hill Chosen for Albany Water Project

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He now is a director of the Hackensack Water Company. Mr. Hill also has served as president of the American Water Works Association, committeeman of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a governor of the American Institute of Consulting Engineers and chairman of their committee on professional practice and ethics, and president of the alumni association and trustee of Stevens Institute of Technology.

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