Albany Would Save Money By Complete Motorization

Albany Would Save Money By Complete Motorization

Chief William W. Bridgeford, of the Albany, N. Y., fire department, says in his annual report:

In describing the various additions to the equipment of the department during the year, the chief adds:

If the department were entirely motorized the purchase of new horses, hay, straw, oats, feed, horseshoeing, harness, repairs, clipping of horses and the repairs to horsestalls and other incidental stable expenses would all be saved in the neighborhood of $20,000 per annum.

In all 5,000 feet of 2 1/2-inch double jacket one 9-foot and one 20-foot single ladcotton rubber-lined fire hose, seven horses, der were purchased. New donkey boilers were installed at the houses of Engines Nos. 2, 7, 9 and 10, thereby having ample supply of steam at all times, so that when responding to alarms of fire the whistles attached to the engines can be used and will have sufficient steam to go to work without delay. New 4 1/2inch soft suction hose was purchased sufficient to renew five of them, the couplings are attached at the repair station without necessitating sending the couplings to the manufacturers to have them attached. A hydraulic hose expander with hand pump and segments was purchased. The department can now attach all couplings varying in size from to 4 1/2-inch. Four of the latest lock breakers and door openers were purchased, being placed upon the ladder trucks. A Tungston rectifier was purchased so that all of the storage batteries that are in use upon the motor cars in use can be recharged by the fire alarm employees, without necessitating sending them out to be recharged. This machine has more than paid for itself since it has been in use. Twelve new shut-off nozzles and four 3-gallon dump cup fire extinguishers were purchased. A direct current generator with rheostat for the new fire alarm signal station was installed. Twenty new fire alarm signal boxes of the latest type were placed in circuit. Also two new private fire alarm signal boxes were installed.

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