All Aboard for the ‘Frisco Convention

All Aboard for the ‘Frisco Convention

Big Parties Being Formed—Special Trains Arranged For—

Itinerary of Eastern Regulars and Stover Special—Scenic Features of Both Unparalleled—Make Reservations Now

NOT only does the San Francisco Convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers, to be held August 15-18, promise to be one of the biggest and best in the history of the organization, but the special parties now being formed to take the trip will give fire officials the opportunity of a lifetime to see the great and beautiful West. The two biggest parties will be those of the “Eastern Regulars” being arranged by Fred Bensen of the Eureka Fire Hose Co. and the Stover Special by F. F. Stover of the Gamcwell Co., and while they leave New York and Chicago, respectively, fire officials from all parts of the U. S. and Canada are invited to join—the more the merrier. As each is to have a special train throughout, it is important that those who plan to go make reservations at the earliest possible moment so that accommodations can be arranged for.


The route of the Stover Special will lead across Illinois. Iowa and Nebraska. On entering Colorado, the climb of the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains begins, but the ascent is so gradual that Denver, the capital of the Rocky Mountain State, a mile high, is reached without materially slackening speed.

Seventy-five miles south of Denver, but 600 feet higher, is Colorado Springs, where the train will he conveniently parked directly outside the grounds of the Antlers Hotel.

Special arrangements have been made for a trip to the top of Pike’s Peak by automobile. The Stover Special will leave Colorado Springs at 4 a. m., arriving at Glenwood Springs at 4 p. m., where two hours will he allowed for a “Transcontinental Bath” in the splendid open air hot swimming pool. Leaving Glenwood Springs at 6 p. m. The party arrives at Salt Lake City at 8:30 a. m. Ample time will be here allowed for sight-seeing trips.

Leaving Salt Lake City at 2 p. m., the route will be through a newly-opened-to-travel country of beautiful and diversified scenery.

After leaving the Feather River canon, the train emerges into the Sacramento Valley, passing through the capital city of California.

Crossing the northern portion of the rich San Joaquin Valley by a wide tour to the south, this line spans the fertile little valleys of Livermore, Pleasanton and Niles, and all too soon pulls up at Oakland. Three miles away, impressive on its many hills, is the Convention City—San Francisco.

For further details write to F. F. Stover, 417 S. Dearborn St., Chicago.


The route covers the most picturesque and interesting sections of our great country. Including as it does the grandeur and novelty of Glacier National Park, the inspiration of the Pacific Northwest, the beauties and marvels of California, and last but not least, the wonderful Grand Canyon of Arizona, the Titan of Chasms, the trip without exaggeration is without a parallel, and in scenic features unsurpassed in the whole world. The itinerary follows:

Saturday, August 5th—Leave New York (Pennsylvania Station) 12:05 p. m.. L. V. R. R. Leave Manhattan Transfer 12:23 p. m., I.. V. R. R. Leave Newark (Meeker Avenue) 12:39 p. m., L. V It. It. Arrive Easton 2 p. m., L. V. R. R. Leave Philadelphia (Reading Terminal) 12:30 p. m., P. & R. Ry. Leave Bethlehem 2:30 p, m., L. V. R. R. Arrive Wilkes-Barre 5 p. m., L. V. R. R. Arrive Buffalo 11:30 p, m., L. V. R. R. Luncheon and dinner In dining car.

Sunday. August 6th—Arrive Chicago 3 p. m., N. Y. C. R. R. Auto ride around Chicago. Leave Chicago 6:30 p. m., C. M. & St. I’. All meals In dining car.

Monday. August 7th—Arrive Minneapolis 8:05 a. m., C. M. & St. P. Breakfast In dining car. Auto ride around Minneapolis and St. Paul. During afternoon inspection trip will be made through Washburn-Crosby flour mills at Minneapolis. Luncheon and dinner at Hotel Curtis, Minneapolis. Leave Minneapolis 11:30 p. m., Gt. Nor.

Tuesday, August 8th—Enroute through North Dakota and Montana. Ail meals in dining car.

Wednesday, August 9th—Breakfast in dining car. Arrive Glacier Park 8:17 a. m., Gt. Nor. Leave Glacier Park Hotel 8:45 a. m., auto. Arrive Many Glacier Hotel 11:45 a. m. auto. Rooms will be assigned. Luncheon and dinner at Many Glacier Hotel.

Thursday, August 10th—Breakfast at Many Glacier Hotel. Leave Many Glacier Hotel 8 a. m., auto. Arrive St. Mary Chalets 9:45 a. m., auto. Leave St. Mary Chalets 11 a. m., launch. Arrive Going-to-the-Sun Chalets 12 noon, launch. Luncheon at Going-to-the-Sun Chalets. Leave Going-to-theSun Chalets 2 p. m., launch. Arrive St. Mary Chalets 3:15 p. m., launch. Leave St. Mary Chalets 3:30 p. m., auto. Arrive Glacier Park Hotel 5:45 p. m., auto. Dinner at Glacier Park Hotel. Leave Glacier Park 8:12 p. m., Gt. Nor.

Friday, August 11th—Arrive Spokane 6 a. m., Gt. Nor. Arrive Hood River 3 p. m., U. P. Auto ride on Columbia River Highway to Multnomah Falls as guests of Hood River Fire Dept., thence Multnomah Falls to Portland and evening dinner as guests of Portland Fire Dept. Sleepers open for occupancy at 11 p. m., at Portland station.

Saturday. August 12th—Leave Portland 1 a. m., S. P. On the famous Shasta Route. All meals in dining car.

Sunday, August 13th—Breakfast in dining car. Arrive San Francisco (Market St. Station) 9:50 a. m., S. P. Passengers and baggage will be transferred to Hotel St. Francis where rooms will be assigned.

Sunday, August 13th to Friday, August 18th—Convention or International Association of Fire Engineers at San Francisco. Entertainment provided by local committee.

Friday, August 18th—Sleepers will be open for occupancy 11:30 p. m., at Third St. Station.

Saturday, August 19th—Leave San Francisco (Third Street Station) 3 a. m., S. P. Arrive Santa Barbara 2:30 p. m., S. P. Auto ride around Santa Barbara. Leave Santa Barbara 6 p. m. S. P. Arrive Los Angeles 9:30 p. m„ S. P. All meals in dining car. Passengers and baggage will be transferred to Hotel Clark where rooms will be assigned.

Sunday, August 20th—Trip to Catalina Island. Leave Los Angeles (Pacific Electric Station) 9 a. m. Leave Los Angeles Harbor (on steamer) 10 a. m. Arrive Avalon (Catalina Island) 12:15 p. m. Leave Avalon (Catalina Island) 3 p. m. Arrive Los Angeles Harbor (on steamer) 5:15 p. m. Arrive Los Angeles (Pacific Electric Station) 6:30 p. m.

Monday, August 21st—Optional sightseeing trips in and around Los Angeles. In morning we ‘rill visit studio of William Fox Film Co., at Hollywood, by courtesy of Mr. William Fox.

Tuesday, August 22nd—Leave Los Angeles 8:45 a. m., A. T. & S. F. Luncheon and dinner in dining car.

Wednesday, August 23rd—Arrive Grand Canyon 8:20 a. m., G. C. R. R. All meals at Hotel El Tovar. Optional sightseeing trips around Grand Canyon. Leave Grand Canyon 7:25 p. m.,

Thursday. August 24th—Enroute through New Mexico and Colorado. Arrive Albuquerque 2:10 p. m., A. T. & S. F. Leave Albuquerque 2:40 p. m., A T. & S. F. Visit to Harvey Indian Museum at station. All meals in dining car.

Friday. August 25th—Arrive Colorado Springs 7 a. m. A. T. & S. F. Breakfast in dining car. Auto ride around Colorado Springs. Luncheon and dinner at Hotel Antlers. Sleepers open for occupancy at 10 p. m. Leave Colorado Springs 11:55 p. m.f A. T. & S. F.

Saturday, August 26th—Arrive Denver 4 a. m., A. T & S F. Sleepers open for occupancy. Breakfast in dining car. Auto ride around Denver and environs. Luncheon at Hotel Oxford Leave Denver 3 p. m.f A. T. & S. F. Dinner in dining car.

Sunday. August 27—Enroute through Kansas and Missouri. All meals in dining car.

Monday. August 28th—Arrive Chicago 7:25 a. m.. A. T. & S. F. Leave Chicago 9:30 a. m., B. & O. Arrive Newcastle 9:11 p m. B. & O. Arrive Pittsburgh 11:10 p. m., B. & O. All meals in dining car.

Tuesday. August 29th—Arrive Washington 7:50 a. m. B & O. Auto ride around Washington. Leave Washington 1 p. m., B & o. Arrive New York (Pennsylvania Station) 6:20 p. m. JJ& O. Breakfast and luncheon in dining car.

Total mileage 8,486. For further particulars communicate with Fred E. Bensen, 27 Barclay St., New York.

A committee appointed at a mass meeting of the citizens of Marshfield, Mo., has recommended that a chemical engine and a fire siren be purchased as a protection against fire and that a night policeman be employed to watch for fires and keep the apparatus in shape for use.

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