If you are planning to join the members of the International Association of Fire Chiefs on their never-to-be-forgotten Groat Lakes Convention Cruise and Visit to the World’s Fair, August 21-27, better make your reservations without further delay. With the time getting short and the choice accommodations on the boat going fast, it is important that you act immediately if you want to be taken care of properly. Remember you don’t have to be a member of the I.A.F.C. to take the trip. Everybody’s welcome!

For reservations or any other information about the trip write American Express Company, 65 Broadway, New York—but do it now. (If you expect to go but aren’t sure yet, a tentative reservation will be made for you.) The itinerary, rates, etc., were published in the last issue of FIRE ENGINEERING.

Among those who plan to make the trip are the following:

Chief J. L. Akin, Birmingham, Ala.; Chief Jones, Decatur, Ala.; Donald White, Florence, Ala.; Chief R. M. Milan, Huntsville, Ala.; Fred Reif. Jr., and wife, Prescott, Ariz.; R. J. DickGraves, Los Angeles, Calif.; Fred Hirsch, Los Angeles, Calif.; Chief Ralph J. Scott, Los Angeles, Calif.; Duncan McPherson, San Diego, Calif.; Edward Lamb, San Francisco, Calif.; Jay W. Stevens, State Fire Marshal, San Francisco, Calif.; Chief T. F. Burns, Bridgeport, Conn.; John J. Hines, Bridgeport, Conn.; James D. Lawlor, Bridgeport, Conn.; J. Clifford Meaney, Bridgeport, Conn.; David H. McKenzie, Bridgeport, Conn.; Michael Svihra, Bridgeport. Conn.; Chief George W. Bogardus, Norwalk, Conn.; Chief A. Judson, Stratford. Conn.; H. A. Golt and wife, Dover, Dela.; Chief W. J. Lutz, Wilmington, Dela.; Chief D. W. Brosnan, Albany, Ga.; Roy S. Timmerman, Atlanta. Ga.; Chief C. B. Bradford, Rome, Ga.; James A. Flynn, Chicago, Ill.; Chief F. M. Davis, Danville, Ill.; Chief H. J. Callahan, Fort Dodge, Iowa; Chief P. L. Noble, Manhattan, Kansas; Russell Dvche. wife and two children, London, Ky.; M. H. Collins and wife, Louisville, Ky.; Chief J. C. McEachern, Haynesville, La.; Fred Bumgardner, Lake Charles, La.; Rene Bernard, Thibodaux, La.; Benton J. Manboles, Rayne, La.; Chief E. Bancroft, Auburn, Me.; Chief R. E. Estes. Lewiston. Me.; Deputy Chief E. E. Ramsdell, Lewiston, Me.; Harry J. Lovell, Portland, Me.; Walter H. Pierce, Arlington, Mass.; Miss Nell Anthony, Washington, D. C.; Harry Belknap and wife, Boston, Mass.; J. T. Gorham, Boston, Mass.; Fire Commr. E. F. McLaughlin, Boston, Mass.; Chief Selden R. Allen and wife, Brookline, Mass.; Chief F. F. Dickinson, Brockton, Mass.; Miss C. Gertrude Ferguson, Cohasset, Mass.; Chief F. C. Blossom, Cohasset, Mass.; Henry J. Harrigan, Dedham, Mass.; Chief E. V. Stone, Ludlow, Mass.; George E. Morley, Gamewell Co., Newton, Mass.; Chief C. E. Comins, Warren, Mass.; T. Walter Moore, Warren. Mass.; Ex-Chief John P. Crowe, Westboro, Mass.; Wm. H. Blount, West Brookfield, Mass.; James E. Moloy, Woburn, Mass.; E. G. Moulton. Ahrens Fox Co., Worcester, Mass.; Chief Walter F. Israel, Detroit. Mich.; Moore Meigs, Detroit, Mich.; Paxton Mendelssohn, Detroit, Mich.: Edward C. Rumsey and wife. Detroit, Mich.; Chief C. E. Girtner, Rochester, Minn.; Nels F. Quist, Virginia. Minn.; Chief G. T. Haskins, Greenwood, Miss.; Chief L. F. McDonald, Jackson, Miss.; G. W. Chadsey, St. Louis, Mo.; Chief John O’Boyle, St. Louis, Mo.; Chief J. T. O’Donnell, St. Louis. Mo.; D. E. Parks. St. Louis, Mo.; Chief F. M. Sargent, Sunapee, N. H.; Chief Charles A. McGinley and party of three, E. Orange, N. J.; Chief Wm. Ingold, wife and son, Edgewater, N. J.; C. S. Chandler. Elizabeth, N. J.; Chief Wm. Kenah, Elizabeth, N. J.; Jacob Reuter, Elizabeth. N. J.; Dr. Otto Wagner and wife. Elizabeth, N. J.; Miss D. Wagner, Elizabeth, N. J.; Chief A. Chamberlain, and wife. Hillside, N. J.; Chief J. Gibbs, Montclair, N. J.; Martin J. Byrne, Newark, N. J.; Wm. Macksey, Newark, N. J.; Chief J. J. Towey and wife, Newark, N. J.; Charles Friedel, Jr.; Union City. N. J.; Chief F. C. Decker, Westfield, N. J.; Chief Elmer J. Brown and wife. Binghamton. N. Y.; A. H. Lyon. Binghamton, N. Y.; Chief H. J. Ruppel. wife and two children, Elmhurst. L. I.; August Albrecht. Island Park, L. I.; Chief C. J. Beatty, Jameston, N. Y.; Miss Voila E. Tyler, Jamrston, N. Y.; George A Farrar, Mottville, N. Y.; John Smith, Mottville, N. Y.; Chief J. Gibson, Mt. Vernon. N. Y.; Chief Wm. Nixon. Newburg. N. Y.; T. H. Case, FIRE ENGINEERING, New York City; D. C. Fenner, Mack Int’l Motor Truck Corp., New York City; J. H Green, Eureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co., New York City; C. B. Rose, American La-France & Foamite, Inc., New York City; A. G. Sullivan, American La-France & Foamite, Inc., New York City: Fred Shepperd and wife, Fire Engineering. New York City; J. T. T. Waldron, New York City; Chief G. W. Wood, Niagara Falls, N. Y.; Capt. Wm. Paul Babcock, Nyack, N. Y.; J. W. Fox, Red Bank, N. Y.; Wm. Keating. Rochester, N. Y.; Maurice Keating, Rochester, N. Y.; Wm. Burke, wife and four children, Syracuse, N. Y.; Chief E. Gieselman. Syracuse, N. Y.; F. E. Roberston, Syracuse, N. Y.; Howard S. Johnston, Utica. N. Y.; Miss G. McPherson, Utica. N. Y.; Chief C. W. Noll and wife, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Miss H. Restle. Utica, N. Y.; Chief J. N Sullivan and wife, Utica, N. Y.: Chief A. E Chambers, Yonkers, N. Y.; Robert D. Hazzard, Yonkers, N. Y.; Capt. C. Kleine, Yonkers, N. Y.; Ex-Chief J. J. Mulcahey, Yonkers, N. Y.; Sherwood Brock well. Raleigh, N. C.; F. D. Shaw, Greensboro, N. C.; Chief R. O. Mesnar, Canton, Ohio; David Caldwell. Cincinnati, Ohio; Chief Burris Hensley, Cincinnati, Ohio; Chief B. J. Houston, Cincinnati, Ohio; C. E. Strickler, Columbus, Ohio; Robert Anderson, Buckeye Iron & Brass Co., Dayton, Ohio; Chief Wm. H. Carver, Dayton, Ohio; Chief F. B. Ramby, Dayton, Ohio; C. A. Delaney, Lakewood, Ohio; Chief W. B. Peckinpaugh, Wooster, Ohio; J. C. Schellin, Akron Brass Co., Wooster, Ohio; Claude Summers, Norman, Okla,; Chief M. M. Tawney, Harrisburg, Pa.; H. Clare Stockman, New Castle, Pa.; Charles E. Wood and wife, Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co., Norristown. Pa.; Chief A. S. Stauffer, Palymra, Pa.; Ira Yeoman, Parkesburg, Pa.; L. J. Bowker, Mine Safety Aplliances Co,, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Chief Richard Lee Smith, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Fred Zeiser, Shamokin, Pa.; F. E. Shadle and wife, Verona, Pa.: M. E. Clark, Williamsport, Pa.; Miss A. G, Parker, Central Falls, R. I.; Chief Joseph S. Lawton, Newport, R. I.; Henry B. Wells, Newburg, S. C.; Chief R. D. Gambrell, Dallas, Tex.; Chief S. Ferguson, Fort Worth, Tex.; Chief James K. Duncan, Jr., Alexandria, Va.; Richard M. Green, Jr., Alexandria. Va.; Chief A. Spence, St. Boniface, Man., Canada; Chief D. A. Boulden and wife. Winnipeg. Man., Canada.

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All Aboard for I. A. F. C. Convention

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Plans were approved by the Public Safety Commission of San Diego, Cal., for rebuilding or repairing ten fire stations and for constructing three new fire stations.

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