All Apparatus Called Out at Atlanta Fire

All Apparatus Called Out at Atlanta Fire

Fire Department Hampered at Large Fire by Hydrants Disabled by Use of Street Cleaners—Brooklyn, N. Y., Shellac Factory Fire Causes One Death—Record of Week s Burnings

Atlanta Firemen Fight Serious Blaze

A fire which threatened the entire business section of Atlanta, Ga., occurred at midnight, Saturday, September 23. The fire was first discovered at 11:55 p. m. in S. H. Kress five and ten cent store, by a citizen on his way home. He noticed a light in the rear of the store and immediately turned in an alarm. By the time this was received at headquarters, flames were leaping high up the main stairway of the Kress Co.’s store. Four large three and four-story business structures were soon a mass of flames. Chief William B. Cody seeing the seriousness of the fire, sent in a general alarm calling every piece of fire apparatus in the city. Fire companies from the Government reservation at Fort McPherson and the cities of Decatur and East Point also arrived shortly after the general alarm and assisted the Atlanta department. The Kress Company, L. F. M. department store, Eiseman Bros, clothing store, the McClure Company and Chile’s Hotel, which occupied the block on Whitehall, Alabama and Broad streets, were a complete wreck from the flames. Other buildings and firms which suffered fire and water damage were Burt’s shoe store, Verner’s restaurant and the French shop. Not since the great conflagration of 1917 which swept over more than a square mile of Atlanta’s residential section, causing property loss of several million dollars, has the local fire department encountered such a stubborn blaze, or has the damage exceeded that of this fire. Awnings and roofs of buildings for a wide area from where the fire originated were burned, and awnings on sky scrapers as high as the seventeenth floor were ablaze from flying sparks. Good water pressure was maintained, according to Chief Cody, but considerable delay and trouble was encountered from disabled fire hydrants which are continuously being used by the street cleaning department. These plugs, said the chief, should be kept exclusively for the use of the fire department, and the street cleaning department should have special plugs for their benefit. The following pieces of apparatus all motor driven were in service: 20 pumpers, 17 of the Atlanta department and 3 pumpers from Fort McPherson, East Point and Decatur; two aerial trucks, 75 ft. and 85 ft.; five service trucks, a Hale water tower and several supply wagons. All pumpers and trucks were American-LaFrance. The losses on the buildings were: Kress Company, $250,000; L. F. M. department store, $250,000; Eiseman’s clothing store, $150,000; Chile’s Hotel, $100,000. Other buildings damaged, $50,000. Total loss, $750,000.

Chief William B. Cody Atlanta, Ga.

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