All Enclosed City Service Truck

All Enclosed City Service Truck

It was a gala day on May 10 for Waterloo, la. On that day about fifty Chiefs and city officials from sixteen neighboring cities assembled to view the newest fire apparatus unit, designed and constructed under the direction of Chief Ray Tiller, by the American-LaFrance and Foamite Industries, Elmira, N. Y.

In brief, the all-enclosed city service truck has a wheel base of 265 inches; an overall length of 33 feet, 7 inches; height at the cab, 95 inches; width at the rear fenders, 95 inches. The truck has a 12cylinder motor delivering 175 h.p., at 3,200 r.p.m.

Views of the New Type City Service Truck Upper, back of truck showing rear door and how ladders are carried. Lower, side view of the apparatus.

The cab and body are 68 inches wide, exclusive of compartments on each side of the truck, extending from the rear of the cab to the rear of the unit. All small tools, such as extinguishers, and the various hand tools, including some salvage covers, are carried in these compartments. There are two seats across the full width of the inside of the cab. There is a water tank of 85 gallons under the rear seat. The truck has a 100 g.p.m., rotary gear pump operated from the motor by a power takeoff.

It carries 262 feet of ladders housed in an overall length of twenty feet. Ladders, pike poles and life net are accessible from the rear by opening a twopiece door which hinges upward.

The truck carries the usual complement of small tools and appliances, extinguishers, and has space for 1,900 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose.

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