Alleged Baby Carriage Firebug Captured

Alleged Baby Carriage Firebug Captured

There was arrested on December 4 a man who it is alleged has confessed to setting fire to a baby carriage in the storeroom of a New York apartment house in East 163rd Street, Bronx Borough. The man, who gave his name as Jacob Rosenstock, 48 years old, was found by the janitor of the apartment house, according to the latter’s story, rambling about the basement with a package.

Rosenstock, he said, told him he was employed as a driver’s assistant by Brill Brothers, the clothiers, and that he was trying to locate the address of a customer of his employer’s on Stebbins Avenue, quite a distance away, to whom he was to deliver the package. The janitor said the man spoke so plausibly that he led him to the sidewalk and directed him to the nearest route to the address. Then, as he was about to enter his apartment, he discovered the blaze.

The janitor and his wife went in pursuit of Rosenstock and encountered him near the apartment house to which he was to deliver the package. They took him back to their home and summoned the detectives, to whom Rosenstock at first denied that he knew anything about the blaze.

Fire Marshal Brophy and Assistant Fire Marshal DeMalignon questioned the man for several hours, hoping to connect him with the series of similar fires in New York tenements which have taken place lately, but it is said Rosenstock refused to discuss any other fire, but the one he is alleged to have set. The fire marshals said they would request Roscnstock’s employers to help them check up on the man’s movements in the period in which many incendiary fires in perambulators had been reported in the last year.

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