Altoona, Pa., has built a new reservoir and flood channel at Kittanning Point. The floodwater channel is about 1,200 feet in length, and extends from the spillway of the impounding dam backwards towards the Horseshoe curve. It is about 8 feet deep and 20 in width. Cut stones are laid on the bottom and up the sides. The impounding dam covers 45 acres and varies in depth from 6 to 60 feet. It has two spillways,one 25 feet wide,and another of rougher workmanship 100 feet wide. The latter will not be in use except in times of flood. The breast of the dam is 25 feet wide at the top and 265 feet at tbe bottom. It is 900 feet long, and holds in storage 360,000,000 gallons of water. This, with the 65.000,000 gallons contained in the old reservoir, will keep the city supplied with water for five months. The dam is nearly a quarter of a mile long. The intake tower and gate houses are architecturally handsome and built of ashlar stone from tiallitzin quarries. A 24-inch pipe runs from the upper gate house to the intake tower in the reservoir, and from thence through a tunnel to the iawer gate house, where the water is turned into the city 16-inch supply pipes. The 36-inch mud pipes also pass through the upper gate house. Screen pots have been placed in position to keep the sediment out of tbe water pipes. Two slabs on the gate house bear the following inscriptions:


Thomas H. Wiggins, W. J. Heinsling, J. H. Kilgore, James Turner,D. K. Ramey, water Commissioners.

C. A. Martin, Secretary,

Collins & Martin, SnyderBroa. “ Masonry. Stanwix Eumeermg Co.,

The floodwater channel along the upper reservoir is being built. Its bottom will be of concrete. At its upper portion the settling dam is located. The whole work will be finished by October 1, at a cost of $200,000, including the price of the land, etc.

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