Ambulance Service —an Opportunity

Ambulance Service —an Opportunity

From the Publisher’s Desk

Way back last March when our editor was in Memphis for the Fire Department Instructors Conference, he had his first look at the new Memphis Fire Department’s ambulance service, and was impressed by what he saw. Naturally, he thought the knowledge and experience that the Memphis Fire Department had gained in setting up this highly necessary service for its community could prove useful to other departments that are considering the same project.

He contacted Chief Eddie Hamilton of Memphis for an article on the subject and the results are elsewhere in this issuein the “how,” the “why” and the “what” that FIRE ENGINEERING’S articles have long been noted for.

But the visit to Memphis did more than result in an article on ambulance service in one fire department. It also sparked our editor’s curiosity on just how many fire departments now run an ambulance service and how many are contemplating one—particularly since undertakers and privately operated ambulance services seem to be getting out of the business in increasing numbers.

The answer could only he found by a survey—in depth—of the only people who could supply the information—the fire chiefs of the United States and Canada. Accordingly, we sent out inquiries to chiefs from all segments of our population.

All the returns haven’t been received yet and the survey is, of course, not complete. But apparently, from what we have so far, some 65 percent of the fire departments in this country do not run an ambulance service as yet. But many are contemplating it and are in need of the type information that the articles in this issue provide.

When the survey has been tabulated, we will publish it in FIRE ENGINEERING, with a complete analysis of the practices and needs of the fire departments relating to ambulance service.

We feel that it would he a shame if the fire service let this opportunity to better serve its public slip out of its hands.

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