American-LaFrance Streamlined Pumper

New Machine Includes Many Novel Features, and Expresses a New Idea in Motor Apparatus Design

THE American – LaFrance – Foamite Corporation, of Elmira, N. Y., has just developed a highly attractive, streamlined pumper, in which many novel features are incorporated. The new truck is illustrated herewith.

The cab, of sturdy construction and seating five men. is built of sheet steel, reinforced with steel ribbing. Safety glass throughout is provided.

Streamlined Holder for Extension Ladder

To eliminate the undesirable feature of having the extension ladder supported on the side of the truck, and overhanging at the rear, a streamlined holder is placed over the body of the truck, and extends into the upper part of the cab. By this method of mounting, the ladder does not project beyond the body of the truck.

Receptacles are provided for suction hose at either side of body and only one coupling of either section shows when hose is in the receptacle.

The operating panel is placed on the right-hand side of the truck, just ahead of the cab. All instruments and operating controls are located on this panel so that the operator can, at all times, maintain complete supervision of all phases of operation. As the control equipment is located beneath the cowl, just back of the engine, danger of freezeup, even during the coldest weather, is eliminated.

A two-stage centrifugal pump is standard equipment for this new machine, which is known as the “Metropolitan.” Pump stages can be operated either in series or parallel, and a simple, easilv manipulated change-over valve enables the operator to make the change without shutting down the pump.

Within the pump, a hinged check valve, used for series operation of pump, is suspended near the top of the pump, and its seat is scoured by flow of water, which insures seating at all times, as well as a tight fit.

As the illustration herewith shows, the complete unit presents a very attractive appearance, in addition to the many conveniences in operation made possible by the novel design.

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