American Service Box

American Service Box

One of the specialties of the American Foundry and Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, Mo., is the American Cast Iron Extension Service Box for water or gas which is made in two styles, with screw pattern or slip pattern shaft and with lock cover. The top is square with cover fitting on inside, not overlapping, will set flush with granitoid or brick walk and therefor will not accumulate water or slush. One of the points advanced by the manufacturers is that the cover is cast heavy with a deep flange and cannot be kicked off. A quarter turn of regular service cock key will lock cover. Another fcature advanced by its makers is that there arc no bolts to be lost or stolen. The American lock box has been adopted by some of the largest water apd gas companies and is in successful and extensive use. The illustrations herewith show the top of the service box with lock cover and the slip pattern and screw pattern shafts.



1,128,025. Fire-escape. August G.Mass, Cincinnati, Ohio.

1,128,141. Electric fire-alarm. William E. Howells, Peckville, Pa.

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1,128,474. Hose-coupling. Randolph N. Martz, Frederick, Aid.

1,128,657. Water-meter. James M. Burton, Long Island City, N. Y., assignor to Neptune Meter Co., New York, N. Y.

1,128,768. Apparatus for extinguishing fires. James B. and Orlando R. Erwin, Milwaukee, Wis

1,129,073. Flow-measuring device. Frederick N. Connet, Providence, R. I.

1,129,090. Gear-pump. William G. Hawley, Elmira, N. Y., assignor to American-La France Fire Engine Co., same place.

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1,129,139. Multistage centrifugal pump. George Sul zer, Harrison, N. J., assignor to Henry R. Worthington New York, N. Y.

1,129,198. Holder for fire-extinguishers and the like Roscoe C. Iddings, Dayton, Ohio.

1,129,209. Liquid-meter. John W. Ledoux, Philadel phia, Pa.

1,129,334. Hydropneumatic water system. Owen C Cover, Goshen, Ind.

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