American Waterworks Association

American Waterworks Association

The formation of a local section of the American Waterworks Association for New York City and all territory embraced in New Jersey and eastern New York, will be considered at a meeting to be held January 20 at 12.30 p. m. at the Manhattan Hotel, in this city. Lunch will be served at $1.50 per plate. At 2 p. m. the section will be organized, after which Mr. George W. Fuller will present for discussion a paper on “Croton Water, Its Quality and Improvement.”

American Waterworks Association.

American Waterworks Association.

Below is a copy of the latest circular addressed to its members by the American Waterworks Association:

Gentlemen: It is the desire of the Waterworks Manufacturers’ Association to make the Exhibit of the various waterworks appliances used in connection with the construction of waterworks, one of the special features of the American Waterworks Association’s Annual convention, which is to be held in the City of Louisville, Ky., the week beginning June 3d, 1912.

Exhibit Room—W’e have made arrangements to partition off the Convention Hall, which is located on the top floor of the hotel, for exhibit purposes; thus giving us a large, light, airy Exhibit Room with ample space for all exhibits.

Application for Space—We particularly call your attention to the fact that if it is your desire to submit an Exhibit at this Convention, you should make your application for space immediately, giving the number of square feet required on the floor or table for your Exhibit so that we may provide you with table space or floor space only. All tables will be neatly constructed and covered with muslin.

Sub-Letting of Space—No Exhibitor will assign, sub-let or apportion, the whole or any part of the space alloted, nor exhibit therein, any other goods than those manufactured or sold by the Exhibitor in the regular course of business.

Uniform Sign Only—Signs will consist of the names of space occupants and a brief description of goods, illustrating the character of Exhibits, size about 18” x 30”. In making application for space, please state the lettering or wording you wish on your sign, as we desire to have them uniform and complete on your arrival at Louisville.

Shipment and Receipt of Goods—In shipping Exhibits, all goods must be plainly marked and addressed to the American Waterworks Association, care of Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, Ky. Under no circumstances will goods be received on which there are any charges of any kind. All shipments must be prepaid. The management will not be responsible for loss or damage to the goods consigned in its care. The Exhibits will be placed at the various spaces designated at the expense of the management.

Removal of Goods—Exhibits must not be removed from the Exhibit Room during the proress of the Convention, except upon written permit from the management.

Emergencies—All points not covered by these rules are subject to the decision of the Executive Committee. If you have not applied for space please do so at once, by writing to Mr. Fred S. Bates, 180 Broadway, New York City.

Respectfully submitted,


Chairman Exhibit Committee.