Air Injector.

Since the introduction of air lift systems in water works a large variety of air injectors to be used in connection with air lift pumps have appeared upon the market, one of which is that produced by the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, of Chicago, Ill. It is termed the Baker air injector, and is shown herewith. The small pipe is connected to the air compressor and the large pipe to the discharge pipe to the tank. Air is forced through the small pipe and mixes with the water in the injector. The mixture of air and water rises through the large pipe to the tank. The injector can be used with any make of air compressor having the proper capacity, but the company particularly recommends the Timplate Valve Compressor, which in every case has shown most satisfactory in connection with the injector.

The Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company has prepared interesting and instructive literature on air lift systems for water works which may be had for the asking. Ask for catalogue Fl2.

Water Works Centrifugal Pumps.

The illustration herewith shows a De Laval Multi-stage pumping unit, arranged to be driven either by motor or by belt from water turbine. This is but one of the many types of centrifugal pumps for all sizes of water plants built by the De Laval Steam Turbine Company, Trenton, N. J. The company has issued a very comprehensive reference book and catalogue on centrifugal pumping machines which should prove valuable to the water works official. Part I. is devoted to the different types of centrifugal pumps; Part II., the factors which enter into the selection of the pump; Part III., selecting a centrifugal pump to meet operating conditions; Part IV., general data on tests and test methods for water works pumps; Part V., the advantages to be derived from proper methods of manufacture of centrifugal pumps; Part Vlll., the speed question, particularly as relating to steam-turbine-driven centrifugal pumps; Part X., methods of driving centrifugal pumps; Part XL, the high duty steam-turbine-driven centrifugal pump as compared with reciprocating pumping engines, etc.

Water works superintendents or managers may secure copies of the book gratis by writing the De Laval Company and specifying “Centrifugal Pumps, WE Edition.”

Interesting Bulletins on Water Sterilization.

A very interesting series of bulletins on water sterilization have been prepared by the R. U. V. Company, Inc., of 50 Broad street, New York, and will be ready for distribution in a couple of weeks. The bulletins will he bound in a loose leaf cover and should prove a very handy reference volume for those interested in the purification of water for municipal or industrial uses. The seven bulletins that have been prepared arc:

  1. Sterilization of Water, a general discussion bringing out economic points, and the necessity for sterilization from a hygcnic and economic standpoint.
  2. Sterilization of water for swimming pools, a discussion of the application, the desirability, the advantages, and the elimination of pathogenic diseases and virulent germ life, etc., from the water.
  3. Sterilization of water for the bottler and brewer. A discussion of their troubles, due to bacteria, the elimination of same, the application of the sterilizer, and the benefits obtained.
  4. Sterilized drinking water for domestic use, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, industrial plants. A subdivided, bulletin discussing the separate advantages and application and benefits obtainable, also a discussion of the hygenic problem pertaining to drinking water.
  5. An apparatus bulletin fully describing the Ultra Violet Ray Light and all types of sterilizers.
  6. Sterilization of water for raw water ice manufacture, a discussion of the problem pertaining to purity of the water, the application and benefit afforded by the sterilizer, and
  7. bulletin giving reprints of testimonial letters and a partial list of installation.

The binder is of heavy purple stock with white embossed lettering, and should make an attractive addition to any water works library. The first edition is limited so that requests for copies will be filled in the order in which they are received. Water works men should specify “Bulletin W,” when writing. The bulletins are free. A postal will bring them.

Handy Water Tables.

Under the title of “Handy Tables and Useful Information,” the United Brass Manufacturing Company, in their new catalogue, give an unusually complete and useful collection of data for the water works superintendent and manager. Flow through different sized pipes, friction loss in cast iron pipe, weight of lead pipe with its relation to water pressure, water delivered through meters, flow of water in house service pipes, delivery capacity of wrought iron pipe, dimensions of standard welded pipe, dimensions of circles, powers, roots and properties of meters, are but a few of the important subjects covered. Besides the water works information given, the full line of “United” water works brass goods are described.

Those wishing copies of the catalogue may secure them by dropping a post card to the United Brass Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio, asking for Water works Catalogue FWE.”

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