Among the Manufacturers.

Among the Manufacturers.

—A new and apparently excellently working fireman’s safety helmet has been patented by G. W. Barian of Fowlerville, Mich. A thorough test was given it last week at Chicago before, among others. Chief Swenie and Superintendent Shepherd. Tar and sulphur were used, and a small building was filled with the fumes, after which the patentee entered the building and remained fourteen minutes. S. L. Bignall of Chicago is interested in the new device, and the helmets will probably be manufactured in that city.

—Erskine W. Fisher of No. 18 Broadway, New York, importer of Portland cement, has issued the following circular : “ The McKinley customs administrative bill goes into effect on August I next, and by restoring the duties upon packages, transportation charges, etc., will increase the cost of all Portland cements by about 15 cents (fifteen cents) per barrel. It is to be hoped that a tariff bill will be passed shortly, levying a specific duty about equivalent to that now being paid ; in the meantime, all contracts, prices and quotations are made subject to any advance in duty, whether caused by direct or indirect legislation.”

—A severe test was made last week at Atlantic City, N. J., with the Holloway chemical engine which the Good Will hook and ladder company has just purchased. A frame building 12 x 12 and 12 feet high was filled with barrels piled one upon another. These barrels were filled with kindlings and shavings, and the whole was saturated with twenty gallons of coal oil. The match was applied, and after the fire had burned fiercely for more than one minute, the chemical engine was set to work and the flames put out in about one minute and a half. The pile of combustibles was again set afire and allowed to burn several minutes, and was then extinguished in less time than the first fire. Mr. Holloway has lately delivered chemical engines to Auburn, N. Y., and Helena, Mon., and last week furnished hook and ladder trucks to Ardmore, Pa., and Ashland, Va.

—The Gleason and Bailey Manufacturing Company has sold to places on Long Island, N. Y., the following apparatus: Hook and Ladder Trucks—To Amityville, East New York, East Moriches, Flatbush, Mineola, Morris Park, Oyster Bay, Ozone Park, Port Washington and Southampton. Hose Carriages—To Flatbush (3), Far Rockaway and Rockaway. Hose Carts—To Flatbush, Fort Hamilton, Farmtngdale, Greenport, Ozone Park, Sheepshead Bay, Woodhavcn and Willets Point (3). Fire Engines—To Fori Hamilton and Farminguale. This is thirteen per cent of the apparatus sold by the company in the whole State of New York during a period of four years. Eighty per cent of the above have been purchased within a period of two years. This shows that Long Island is far in advance of the balance of the State in fire protection. The rapid growth of the towns and villages and the establishment of new villages on the island is phenomenal. The character of the buildings and people is such as to demand protection in the one case, and the supply in the other is made to equal that demand. The wisdom of this policy is clearly demonstrated in the reported small percentage of losses by fire on the island as compared with those of less thickly populated sections of equal area in other parts of the State.

—The Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company of Chicago has just shipped a sixty-five-foot extension ladder truck to Youngstown, O. A party from Joliet, Ill., including Mayor Kelly, Chief Schwarz and the chairman of the fire and water committee witnessed the test and expressed themselves as highly pleased with the working of the apparatus. It is possible that Joliet will follow in the wake of Youngstown and purchase a similar piece of apparatus. purchase a piece apparatus.


How a Fabric Fire Hose Company’s Man Obtained an Order.

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The Fabric Fire Hose Company's man next makes a great speech before the full board. Gentlemen, I would impress upon you the fact that my hose is not ordinary Cotton hose, but Treated Cotton, rubber lined, fully guaranteed.

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