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Fail-Safe Siren System

Installation of a “Fail-Safe” radio-controlled siren alerting system in Fauquier County, Va., is said to be a first of its kind. By its use, a central dispatcher located in Warrenton, Va., may blow any or all sirens of county volunteer fire departments and then quickly receive radio confirmation that the sirens are actually blowing.

Engineered and installed by Mobile Communications, Inc. of Silver Spring, Md., the system employs General Electric radio base stations, Secode Corp. digital encoders and decoders and a sequential delay relay circuit designed and manufactured by Mobile Communications. The system operates on 46.50 me and permits sirens to be blown steadily, intermittently or in civil defense “wailing.”

Medium-Duty Alternator

Leece-Neville Co., 1374 East 51st Street, Cleveland 3, Ohio, has introduced a new 40-ampere alternator for automotive vehicles. Known as the 6000 Series, it is claimed the unit will deliver 5 to 10 amps at curb idle and is available for 12-volt and 6-volt systems.

Demonstrate Warning Horns

Falcon Alarm Co., Inc., 243 Broad Street, Summit, N. J., distributors of Clark-Cooper air horns, is now using a mobile air horn demonstrator. It is believed to be the first unit of its kind to test municipal warning horns on the site of intended installations. A gasolinedriven compressor and air storage tank have been mounted in a small automobile trailer. Air horns can then be operated and mounted on a test stand in the trailer, or through a flexible hose at distances up to 100 feet from the compressor.

Alco-Lite Utility Ladder

Aluminum Ladder Co., 32 West Darlington Street Extension, Florence, S. C., has introduced a new Alco-Lite selfsupporting industrial rolling ladder. Employing a 24-foot or 28-foot all-aluminum or fiberglass extension ladder and mounted on pick-up truck, it provides a utility unit for servicing overhead wires, lights, etc., on poles.

Winco Stand-by Generator

Wincharger Corp., Sioux City 2, Iowa, has announced its “91” Series of highcapacity stand-by generators. Powered by a 2-cylinder gasoline engine, it is said to provide up to 9,000 watts of 230/115-volt a.c. current.

Ferno Low-Headroom Cot

Femo Manufacturing Co., Greenfield, Ohio, has introduced a new ambulance cot which is claimed to permit patients to be transported in a sitting position in cars with less than 35-inch headroom. Called Model 27, it is said to be one-man operated with a unique leg-fold for quick ambulance loading.

Exhibits at Poznan

American LaFrance, Division of Sterling Precision Corporation, Elmira. N. Y., and LaFrance Export Corporation cooperated in a joint participation at the 30th Poznan (Poland! International Trade Fair, June 11-25. Their outdoor exhibit and demonstration were part of the official United States Exhibition.

The theme of the U. S. display was “Industrial Progress, Safety and Quality Control.” More than 100 different fire protection products were displayed by American LaFrance. In addition, in the open-air arena adjoining, the company demonstrated the latest fire fighting techniques using its products, under the direction of a representative of American LaFrance, Ward Hamm, who trained and supervised Polish nationals in the operation of the equipment.

New Fire Detector

Standard Fire .Alarm & Signal, Inc., 100 Old York Road, Jenkintown, Pa., is marketing the Reddi-Eye automatic fire alarm, a fire-detection and warning unit for homes, offices, stores, etc. Said to be UL listed, it is activated by duPont Freon and has a glass eye visual monitor which indicates the state of charge. It is available in 136“ F and 174“ F ratings.

Snorkel Glove

Edmont Inc., 1274 Walnut Street, Coshocton, Ohio, is marketing its Snorkel glove claimed to be liquid-proof with a nonslip grip. Vinyl-coated with a fabric lining, it is available in knit-wrist or gauntlet styles.

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Mask Amplifier

A miniature voice amplifier for use in gas masks and other breathing apparatus is now in production at Chem print Corporation, Menlo Park, Calif. Called Chemprint Mark III miniature voice amplifier, it is said to completely eliminate the muffling effect of the mask and to restore the voice of the wearer to normal volume and intelligibilitv.

Plastic Box Identifiers

National Marker Corp., 225 WampaI noag Trail, East Providence 15, R. I., has introduced Plazmark, a flexible sheet plastic identifier for fire alarm boxes. Available in 10, 20 or 30-yard rolls and 26-inch width, it is said to have a highly reflective silver and red embossed surface with the word “Fire” in silver against the red background. Claimed to be fade-resistant and weatherproof, it is said to be easily cut to length and stapled in place.

Improved Mask Canister

Mine Safety Appliances Corp., 201 North Braddock, Pittsburgh 8, Pa., has announced an increase in moisture tolerance through a wider temperature range in its all-service gas mask canister. A new desiccant and an improved Ilopcalite catalyst is claimed to give as much as twice the service life of its previous window-cator and Model S styles.

Falcon Gets New Listing

Falcon Alarm Co., Inc., 243 Broad Street, Summit, N. J., has announced that the company’s automatic gas-operated fire alarms have recently been listed by both Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., of the U. S. A. and Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada, Inc., for use with 600 feet of ¼-inch aluminum tubing. This new listing permits location of the Falcon detector in remote critical areas up to 600 feet from the warning horn. Previous ratings limited tubing length to 250 feet.

Appointments and Promotions

Sydney K. Schiff, chairman of the board, Federal Sign and Signal Corp., was recently elected to the additional post of president and chief executive officer of the corporation, succeeding the late William W. Scott. He had been board chairman since 1946.

FWD Corporation, Clintonville, Wis., lias named the following firms to sell fire apparatus manufactured by the company:

Tower Fire Apparatus Company, Inc., 502 S. Richland, Freeburg, Ill., has been appointed dealer in 34 eastern counties of Missouri plus 51 Illinois counties located in the southern third of the state.

Midwest Fire & Safety Equipment Co., lnc., 1605 Prospect Street, Indianapolis, lnd., has been appointed dealer throughout the State of Indiana, plus Boone, Campbell Counties in the northern tip of Kentucky.

Comet Fire Equipment Co., 1900 South Park Avenue, Haddon Heights, N. J., has been appointed dealer in seven New Jersey counties located in the southeast section of the state.

Miami Fire Equipment, Inc., 150 S. W. 27th Avenue, Miami, Fla., has been appointed dealer in 14 southern counties.

Miller-Meteor Division, Divco-Wayne Corp., Piqua, Ohio, has announced five new distributors and a factory branch in its nation-wide sales organization.

Miller-Meteor Sales of New York, Inc., 348 Central Avenue, White Plains, N. Y., is the new direct factory facility serving metropolitan New York.

Clark M-M Sales, 27 Meadow Lane, P. O. Box 85, Butler, N. J., will serve the State of New Jersey.

Hartge Coach and Ambulance Sales, 6513 Lehnert Street, Baltimore, Md., will serve Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D. C.

Gordon’s Coach and Ambulance Sales, Blakeslee Boulevard, Lehighton, Pa., is distributor for eastern Pennsylvania.

Charles O. Butler, Inc., 1202 Brandt Drive and 6601 West Morris Street, Indianapolis, now covers the State of Indiana, except Lake County.

M-M Western Company, with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, is distributor for California, Nevada and Arizona.

Car Window Decal

Stadri Products Co., 147-47 Sixth Avenue, Whitestone 57, L. I., N. Y., is marketing a two-color fire department window decalcomania for use on members’ cars to denote them as fire fighters. Claimed to apply easily to any glass surface it adheres indefinitely.

Redi-Splint First-Aid Kit

Rock Royal Corp., 120 South LaSalle Street, Chicago 3, 111., is marketing a first-aid kit which is housed in an extruded aluminum box. The box is claimed to be readily disassembled in an emergency and made into a bone splint.

Turbine for Fire Tug

The Industrial Products Division, Boeing Airplane Co., Seattle 24, Wash., has received an Army contract to supply two gas turbine-driven pumping units rated at 2,000 gpm at 150 psi for a converted tug-fireboat to be located at Wilmington, N. C. The pumps will be close-coupled, single-stage centrifugals with 8-inch suctions and discharge. Each will be driven by a 502-10MA gas turbine rated at 270 shaft horsepower.

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New Amblewagon

Automotive Conversion Corp., 2191 Cole Avenue, Birmingham, Mich., recently delivered a new Amblewagon to the Ottawa Hills, Ohio, Fire Department. The combination Dodge Dart station wagonambulance is shown here as H. A. Swigert, vice president, sales, hands the keys to Chief Curtis Niles.

New Hiller Helicopter

Hiller Aircraft Corp., Palo Alto, Calif., has introduced a new four-place business and utility helicopter for marketing this year. It is powered by a 320-hp Lycoming engine.

Zeus Portable Generator

Borg-Warner Corporation, Pesco Products Division, 24700 North Miles Road, Bedford, Ohio, has introduced what is said to be a heavy-duty portable electric generator producing 3,000 watts at 115/230 volts a.c. Trade-named Zeus, the new Model GW-300 is powered by a single cylinder 4-cycle air-cooled engine.

New Super Vac Ejector

The Super Vacuum Mfg. Co., Loveland, Colorado, has introduced its “Plus 21,” a new four-bladed electric smoke ejector. The newly designed propeller is claimed to increase the air volume by 21 per cent without increase in blade diameter.

Exide Adds Nickel-Cadmium

Exide Industrial Division, The Electric Storage Battery Company, Rising Sun and Adams Avenues, Philadelphia 20, Pa., has added nickel-cadmium batteries to its industrial line. The new batteries, having nickel and cadmium-oxide active materials contained in perforated steel pockets of the positive and negative plates, are offered in 22 sizes by Exide for use in a number of specialized applications where this type of battery sometimes is a superior power source.

New Chemox Model

Mine Safety Appliances Co., Pittsburgh 8, Pa., has introduced a half-hour Chemox self-generating breathing apparatus. A new canister, said to be simplified to reduce operating cost is provided, as well as an automatic relief valve and monocular facepiece. It is also announced that the company has developed an optional unit claimed to provide instant operations at temperatures below zero.

Baughman Fire Tanker

Baughman Manufacturing Co., Inc., Jerseyville, Ill., is now offering its improved fire tanker, said to be excellent for small town, rural and forestry fire protection service. The apparatus, available with tank capacities up to 3,000 gallons, features a 200 gpm PTO pump and standard fire fighting equipment.

San Francisco Crash Trucks

These modern crash-rescue-fire trucks delivered recently to the San Francisco International Airport were built by FWD Corp., Clintonviile, Wis. Shown are a high-pressure fog-foam truck carrying 1,400 gallons of water and 300 gallons of foam concentrate and a crash truck equipped with 750-gallon water tank. 110 gallons of foam concentrate and 300 pounds of dry chemical.

Falcon Listed by ULC

Falcon Alarm Co., Inc., Summit, New Jersey, has announced that the company’s Falcon automatic gas operated fire alarms have been listed by the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada, Inc., under their inspection service.

Kinematix P. A. Lectern Kinematix Inc., 1616 North Damen Ave., Chicago 46, Ill. has introduced its “Roving Rostrum”, a transistorized portable public address system. Built into a luggage-type carrying case, the unit opens up into a speakers lectern for use by instructors, lecturers, etc. Powered by two lantern batteries, the P. A. system is rated at 10 watts output.

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New Winco Series

Wincharger Corp., East 7th and Division Streets, Sioux 2, Iowa, lias announced the “31” series of portable electric power generators. Said to be rated at 2,500 watts at either 115-volts or 230volts, the unit is equipped with “MaxiWatt” power control and “Automatic Conserv-er” idle control.

Appointments and Promotions

Miller-Meteor Northwest Ltd., 6576 Lime Street, Vancouver, B. C., has been named as west Canada distributor for ambulances by the Miller-Meteor Div., Divco-Wayne Corp. The company will cover British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba, all previously serviced by a single all-Canada national distributor.

John B. Russell has recently been named sales engineer in the State of Connecticut by the Gamewell Company, Newton Upper Falls 64, Mass. He was formerly assistant to the industrial sales manager.

Gordon D. Riedell has been appointed personnel director of the company. He joined Gamewell after serving most recently as personnel manager of the Farrington Manufacturing Company, Needham, Mass.

Robert W. Reinicke has been named vice president of operations, Ansul Chemical Company, Marinette, Wis. He comes to Ansul from Ekco Products in Chicago, where he had served as vice president, engineering.

C. Wesley Michaels has been appointed manager, planning and market research, Industrial Electronic Products, Radio Corporation of America, Camden, N. J. In the newly created post he will be responsible for coordinating market planning and research.

Richard E. Miller has been appointed product line manager for eye and face protection equipment by Mine Safety Appliances Company, Pittsburgh. He will supervise sales of the company’s new Sightgard line of spectacles, goggles, face shields and similar products.

James V. Carlin, Jr., has been appointed vice president of sales, AcmeHamilton Mfg. Corp., Trenton, N. J. He was formerly general sales manager for the Acme Rubber Manufacturing Company, a division of Acme-Hamilton.

Publications Available

Mercer Rubber Co., Hamilton Square, N. J., has released a two-color, 24-page catalog which contains complete descriptions of over 35 specific types of hose used throughout the manufacturing and processing industries, utilities and municipalities.

Atlas Safety Equipment, Inc., 175-179 North 10th Street, Brooklyn 11, N. Y., has published an illustrated 25-page manual on the use, care and maintenance of life saving nets.

Sperti Faraday, Inc., Adrian, Mich., has published a new two-color, 88-page manual describing air and electric signal systems and listing specifications of horns, bells, buzzers, chimes and sirens. Ask for Catalog 160.

Divco-Wayne Corp., 22000 Hoover Road, Detroit, Mich., has published a new booklet describing the company’s new lease plan for truck users. The program is operated through a subsidiary, Divco-Wayne Sales Financial Corp.

Monatco Mfg. Corp., 2214 Front Street, Kansas City, Kans., has issued a brochure describing the features of its type MFG 9000 crash fire control units formerly known as type 0-15-L. Included are case histories of the apparatus’ operation.

Motorola Communications and Industrial Electronics Division, 4501 West Augusta Boulevard, Chicago 51, Ill., has published a new booklet describing all two-way mobile radio base station equipment available from the company. The catalog contains specifications and photographs of upright cabinets, remote control and desk top consoles, special AC utility base stations, various base station antennas, monitor receivers and “Quik Call” selective signalling systems.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., 5316 West State St., Milwaukee 8, Wise., has published an attractive new general catalog describing its complete line of heavyduty tools. Ask for G6-(l).

Roberts Co., Box 44A, Wayland, Mass., has published a new catalog of fire service gifts, awards and promotional material. Items included are weathervanes, fire mark replicas, jewelry, children’s badges, etc.

Manufacturing Chemists’ Association Inc., 1825 Connecticut Avenue, N. W., Washington 9, D. C., has published a new safety data bulletin SD-78 for butyraldehydes and a revised bulletin SD-1 on formaldehyde, as well as SD-80, chlorine, a 25-page booklet. All provide information on properties, potential hazards, fire fighting, etc. SD-1 and SD-78 are available for 30 cents each. SD-80 costs 50 cents.

R. D. Werner Co., Inc., P. O. Box 580, Greenville, Pa., has published a new folder of its full line of UL-listed Aluminum ladders.

Super Vacuum Mfg. Co., Inc., 975 Grant St., Denver 3, Colo., is offering a 14-page booklet on the principles and operational procedures of eliminating smoke from confined areas during fires or other emergencies. Ask for “Booklet 58.”

Mine Safety Appliances Co., 201 North Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh 8, Pa., has published a broadside describing four sizes of first-aid kits packaged in allweather cases, ranging in size from 10 to 36 units. Ask for No. 0401-10.

Metal Lath Manufacturers Assn., Engineers Building, Cleveland 14, Ohio, has published Technical Bulletin No. 7, which gives engineering data on the use of metal studs in non-bearing partition walls.

Walter Kiddc & Company, Inc., 675 Main Street, Belleville 9, N. J., has issued a new two-color chart explaining the three classes of fire and approved extinguishers for use on each.

Alderson Research Laboratories, Inc., 48-14-33rd Street, Long Island City 1, N. Y., has published a new catalog of its complete line of realistic first-aid training devices. Included are a rescue breathing trainer, injury moulages and other items. Ask for bulletin No. 31.

Wm. A. Holmin Corp., 1212 Eleventh Street, Rockford, Ill., has published a two-color broadside on its new Voice Gun transistorized power megaphone.

D. W. Onan & Sons Inc., Minneapolis 14, Minn., has published a two-color folder describing its new transistorized 1 KVA inverter unit designed to instantly switch radio communications systems to stand-by a.c. power on interruption of commercial power. Ask for Folder M-110.

Koppers Company, Inc., Wood Preserving Division, 750 Koppers Building, Pittsburgh 19, Pa., has published Bulletin W-365 concerning “Non-Com,” a fireretardant chemical for pressure-impregnating wood building materials. Wood roof deck and support material treated with the chemical carry a UL rating and Factory Mutual and Factory Insurance Association approval.

The General Electric Co., Electronic Components Division, Owensboro, Ky., has published a revised edition of G-E’s “Tungar Bulb Data Manual.” The eightpage brochure features descriptive and theoretical data on the use of Tungar bulbs in rectifier circuits. Ask for ETR2091.

The Armstrong Cork Company, Lancaster, Pa., has released a 16-mm sound motion picture introducing its claimed fire-safe acoustical tile ceilings for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. The film explains how rated fire protection for steel supporting members or metal decks may be achieved by using prefabricated acoustical tile ceiling. The 18-minute film may be obtained on a free-loan basis for group showings.

Circle Seal Products Co., Inc., 2181 East Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, Calif., has issued a four-page booklet containing technical data and operation principles, and how-to-order information of its check valves, relief valves, shutoff valves, etc.

The Foster Co., Inc., 430 Notre Dame Street, New Orleans 6, La., has published a two-color brochure describing its line of Dixie-Dri salvage covers.

National Equipment Rental, Ltd., Floral Park, N. Y., has published a twocolor brochure which explains its leasing plan for fire apparatus and other municipal vehicles and equipment.

Fire-End Products, 656 Gerard Avenue, New York 51, N. Y., has issued a new 64-page catalog of its line of fire fighting and safety equipment. Ask for Catalog 79.