During the stable-tire in Barrow and Christopher streets, Manhattan, New York, before the arrival of any of the tire apparatus, Fireman Cassidy, the wrestler and athlete of the department, who had spent a day off in New Jersey, passed through Barrow street on his way to hook and ladder company No. 5‘s house, in Charles street. Looking up at the top floor of the burning build ing he saw two n_____groes at the barred window.

“Steady, boys,” lie yelled, “Five’ll be here in a moment.”

“We sure cawn’t wait, boss,” answered one of the negroes.

“I don’t s.’e what else you can do. You can’t get through those bars,” Cassidy yelled back.

A moment later truck No. 5 turned the corner into Barrow street. Before any of the members of the company were on the ground Cassidy had seized a scaling ladder and a stout hook from the side of the truck. When he got to the second floor Fireman Horahan handed him a second ladder, which Cassidy planted above his head. This enabled him to attack the iron bars before the window with his hook. Jt was a tough job; but in the end he got two of them free. One negro got through. With him clinging to his shoulder Cassidy worked his way hand under hand to Horahan, to whom he passed the negro. The second negro was rescued in the same fashion.

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