An English Portable Gasoline Engine and Centrifugal Pump.

An English Portable Gasoline Engine and Centrifugal Pump.

A novel combined centrifugal pump and petrol motor of the Brooke type, having a capacity of 150 gal. per minute under a head of 20 ft., is shown in the accompanying illustration. The motor operates at a speed of 900 r.p.m. and develops four horse-power. It is mounted on a base plate which also supports a centrifugal pump coupled direct, the suction and delivery pipes being 3 in. in diameter. The base plate above referrred to acts as a water tank and is coupled to the circulating water pump by means of a three-way cock so that on starting up the motor the cooling water is drawn from and delivered back to this tank.

It is stated that the water contained in the tank can be passed into the centrifugal pump for charging the same and the circulating way be drawing from one side of this pump and delivering into the other side or by means of :i three-way cock on the delivery side can be discharged into the tank to fill the same before stopping.


The exhaust gases are carried through a pipe running across the base of the tank and so effectually muffled. It will be seen in the illustration that the high tension magneto ignition dynamo is mounted on an extension bracket on the crank case covering and is directly driven, while the circulating pump is driven from the other end of the cam shaft.

This four cycle English motor has stroke of 4 3/4, in. and a bore of 3⅜ in. The gasoline tank holds 2 gal. of fuel, which is sufficient for running the outfit for four hours on full load. The entire equipment weighs about 7,000 lb.

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