An Essayist Corrected.

An Essayist Corrected.

To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER :

Dear Sir :—Being more or less of a “ pump crank ” I read with interest in your issue of the 13th “ Progress and Development in Water Works Practice.” As both, your compositors and the writer of the paper have erred somewhat, I thought I would try and correct the errors for the benefit of all concerned.

In the third paragraph you have given the dates as 1825 instead of 1625, and also 1857 instead of 1657.

Queen Elizabeth died on the 24th of March, 1603.

In 1582 Peter Moris fMorisLa Dutchman and the originator of the Thames Water Companies erected a “ forcier ” on one arch of London Bridge. In 1594 another “forcier” was erected near Broken Wharf for the supply of West, Cheap and Fleet streets and the district around St. Paul’s. In 1610 a third forcier wat erected at Aldersgate and without the gate.

Moris obtained the lease of one arch of London bridge for 500 years on the payment of ten shillings per annum ; two years later he obtained another arch.

These works continued until 1701 in the possession of the family, who, after making a large fortune, sold the lease to a company for ^30,000.

They ultimately occupied four arches of London bridge and continued until 1822 when the supply was purchased by the Southwark Company for £10,000. T may also state that force or lift pumps were known and used many years before the time of Peter Moris. ERNEST W. NAYLOR.

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