Chief Bates, of the New York Fire Department, has received the following letter, which will be of interest to Firemen generally :


March 25, 1882.

To the Chief Officer, Fire Brigade, New York.

SIR : Our Chief Officer, C. plain H. E. Davis, is organizing a Fire Brigade competition and demonstration to take place in this town on the 8th of May next, and he has desired me to write to you and through you to the Officers and Fire Brigades of America, to state that nothing would give him greater pleasure than to receive yourself and any of your officers and men who would honor him with their company on that occassion.

I may mention that it is Captain Davis’ wish to make this as far as possible a representative and International Fire Brigade gathering. Wi h this view he has also invited detachments of the French Brigade and those of Calais, Boulogne and Dukkerque have already ac epted the invitation. It is also my pleasing duty to inform you that Captain Davis had the high honor of commanding the detachments of the Briti h Fire Brigades who, on the 9th of November las’, carried the flag of your country through the city of London, and this fact makes him doubly desirous of the honor of receiving a detachment of our comrades from America. Awaiting the favor of an early reply,

I remain, sir, yours faithfully,

W. J. CHURCH BRASIKR, Lieut., lion. Sec. Fire Brigade Competition Committee.

The rules governing the New Y rk Fire Department are such that it would be impossible for any of its members to accept the invitat’on, but we give it publici y, in hope that some American Firemen, to whom as a body it is really addressed, will be able to attend and explain to their English cousins how things arc onducted on this side of the water, ai d perhaps also pick up some bits of useful information, for we are not so egotistical as to believe that we r.ave learned all there is to be learned. From our foreign exchanges we judge the demonstration will be an event of considerable importance.

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