An Organization Formed On Cooperation

An Organization Formed On Cooperation

Reinforcing the IAFC’s message of cooperation among all emergency services, Jan Assentorp, organization manager for Falcks Redningskorps A/S (Falck) in Denmark, explained how his corporation functions as a nationwide service organization of fire and rescue stations.

“Many major (incidents) require several different kinds of service: fire fighting, rescue work and ambulance transport,” said Assentorp. “It would therefore appear to be expedient that the whole relief action in the emergency situation be handled by one and the same organization.”

Falck has 134 stations throughout Denmark, manned by 4046 full-time and 1258 part-time emergency service people. Seven physicians are attached to Falck’s ambulance service as medical advisers. They all operate under one joint organization (The Federation of Danish Rescue Corps) to ensure that a common set of rules and regulations are followed. Falck stresses establishing and maintaining cooperation and contacts with all public authorities, institutions and organizations.

Denmark has other integrated fire brigades and local civil defense companies outside the Falck organization. However, an agreement on fire fighting, specifying the fire fighting area, equipment and staff that will respond on a particular incident, eliminates confusion.

“Falck is … an example … of how private, effective enterprise has been compatible with public customers as well as with political objectives,” said Assentorp. “Absolute monopoly .. . cannot be the objective of either Falck or public authorities.”

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