An Up-to-date Village Fire Department

An Up-to-date Village Fire Department

A well equipped small town fire department is that of Huntsville, Ala., in command of Chief R. W. Milam. The fire department is located at 114 Madison Street and is equipped with two trucks one American – LaFrance 750-gal. pumper, one Reo chemical and hose car, and one Metropolitan steam engine.

The latter, while originally horse-drawn, has been arranged by the chief so that it can be drawn by the steamer. The department consists of seven paid men including the chief.

Chief Milam was appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Chief Wardin in 1920 and has since held the office through three administrations. He joined the department as a hoseman in 1917. Under his guidance as chief the department has increased in efficiency and the fire losses have been substantially curtailed.

There have been several bad fires in Huntsville since Chief Milam took office, giving him and the men of the fire department a hard tussle. During the worst of these—that in the Fand-o-Cedar Works, the American-LaFrance pumper worked for about 12 hours, and the men worked continuously during this period. At another stubborn blaze, the men worked for over nine hours at a stretch without a stop.

Chief R. W. Milam, Huntsville, Ala.Headquarters and Apparatus of Huntsville, Ala., Fire Dept.

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