Anaheim Firemen Are All Certified EMTs

Anaheim Firemen Are All Certified EMTs

Instructor Al King, right, gives proper lifting instruction to members of the Anaheim Fire Department during on-duty training and certification of 213 suppression personnel as emergency medical technicians.

The entire Anaheim, Calif., Fire Department has completed on-duty emergency medical training and each fire fighter is now certified as an emergency medical technician, reports Chief James Riley.

Spending six hours each day, fire fighters covered the full 120-hour course under a cooperative agreement with the North Orange County Community College District, adult education division. Even the clinical internship at local hospital emergency rooms was accomplished on duty.

“It was necessary for us to release several engine and truck companies each day,” Riley explained, “and to cover the vacant stations. It was a tough administrative decision to give the go-ahead for the on-duty training.

However, from the initial results it was the right one and extremely beneficial to both the men and the citizens we serve.”

The Anaheim Department serves a 39square-mile community with a population of nearly 200,000 residents. An additional 15 million people come through the city annually, visiting Disneyland or attending trade shows and conventions.

Paramedic service was instituted last May 15, with the first of three planned mobile intensive care units.

The EMT fire fighters are dispatched on all rescue medical aid calls from one of the city’s nine stations. If available, the paramedic unit also responds.

“Many calls can be handled by the EMT fire fighters,” Riley explained.

If paramedics are needed, he added, the fire fighters who are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and on-the-spot life saving techniques can go to work pending the arrival of Medic 4-3.

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