Anniston Pipe and Foundry Co.

Anniston Pipe and Foundry Co.

The Anniston Pipe and Foundry Co., of Anniston, Ala., has just issued a valuable little book on pipe with tables of measurements.

The company recently came into possession of the immense plant formerly known as The Anniston Pipe Works, of Anniston, Ala. The plant is one of the largest and best-equipped pipe-works in the country, and situated in the center of the great Iron Belt Region of the South.

These works having been thoroughly repaired, and put in fine working condition, the company is now prepared to promptly furnish cast-iron water and gas pipes, and special castings of every description, and of superior quality.

The trunk lines of railroad—the Louisville & Nashville, the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia, and the Richmond & Danville roads—connect with the yards, enabling them to ship the product at the lowest possible rates, the result of strong competition, and reaching the most distant places in every direction, from Maine to California and Washington. These advantages, together with the large capacity and improved facilities for manufacturing pipe, enable them to enter the market with confidence in their ability to place pipe in competition with others, both as to quality and prices.

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