The FIRE ENGINEER, in line with its policy of rendering the best possible services at all times to its readers, has obtained the co-operation of Luke Flanagan, Battalion Chief of the New York City Fire Department, in conducting a technical Department. This Department will be unusual in many ways, for Mr. Flanagan will undertake to answer all of the questions that may be asked. But in place of only going into the direct answer, he will show how the information can be applied.

Mr. Flanagan is one of the deep students in the Fire Fighting profession. He is in charge of one of the most important districts in New York City, and his work lias been of very high standard.

Mr. Flanagan is the author of “Science in Fire Fighting,” which has been proclaimed as one of the great contributions to the literature on Fire Fighting.

The FIRE ENGINEER feels that it has indeed performed a real service to its readers and to the profession at large, by obtaining Mr. Flanagan’s cooperation.




On and after June 1st, the Fire Engineer will he published at 150 Nassau Street, New York City and the management will be changed. With the death of Mr. Goodwin Lee, who founded this paper a number of years ago, it was felt that a new organization should be created to carry on the work that had such an excellent start. This has been done and it is hoped that the support of the fire engineering profession which has been given so loyally in the past will be continued and that the constructive ideas of the founder may be carried out for the good of the field.

Mr. Walter A. Fairservis, an experienced editor and writer has been appointed editor of the Fire Engineer and under his supervision many new departments will be .created which it is felt will add to the value of this magazine to its subscribers. It is hoped that the readers of the magazine will suggest and offer constructive criticism that the magazine will increase its worth constantly.

Under this new management the Fire Engineer will stand for all that is good in the profession and it will attempt to be a mouthpiece for those who make fire fighting and fire prevention their life work.

It is hoped that the offices of the Fire Engineer will be used as a headquarters by the profession and it will constantly strive to be a source of reliable, authentic information, and that it will warrant the good will of the entire field.

The Citadel of the City’s Safety is Fire Headquarters; “Public Service is the Highest of Civic Virtues.”

“Come, let us take counsel together.”

Any editorial or article, signed or unsigned, any communication or item of news appearing at any time in The FIRE ENGINEER is a fair subject for a fair attack.

Any reader disagreeing with any idea or the expression of it should say so.

Any subject not properly or sufficiently treated should find its prompt refutation or enlargement at the hands of some reader or readers.