Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings

Idaho Society of Engineers.—At the fourth annual convention of the society’ on February 21-22, at Weiser, Idaho, the following officers were elected for 1913: President, J. P. Congdon; vicepresident, R. J. Wood; treasurer, Edward Hedden; secretary, J. F. Shaffner. Highways and irrigation problems were the main subjects discussed at this meeting. An inspection trip was made to the Oxbow power site on February 23.


American Society of Engineering Contractors. —At the fourth annual meeting of the society in New York City, January 14, the election of officers for 1913 resulted as follows: President, H. J. Cole; vice-presidents, Edward Wegmann and G. T. Clark; secretary, J. R. Wemlinger; and directors, A. S. Bent, DeWitt V. Moore and L. F. Peck. A movement was started for the inauguration of an information bureau for the benefit of members of the society.

American Chemical Society.—The following papers, among those oti the program of the annual meeting at Milwaukee, Wis„ on March 2528, are worthy of notice: “Industrial Chemistry.” by M. C. Whitaker; “Agricultural and Food Chemistry,” by G. F. Mason; “Biological Chemistry,” by I. K. Phelps; and “Chemical Education, by J. F. Norris The arrangements have been planned so that technical sessions will be held in the forenoon each day, execursions in the afternoon, and entertainment features in the evening.

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