Annual Report of Chief Bowers, Rome, N. Y.

Annual Report of Chief Bowers, Rome, N. Y.

The annual report of Chief George M. Bowers, of Rome, N. Y., shows that a high degree of efficiency has been attained in the fire department. The record of fire prevention activities is particularly instructive and valuable. In this connection, the chief says:

At this time every fire chief is doing all in his power to prevent fires, and the next move is the national moving picture campaign for fire prevention which FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has inaugurated in conjunction with the Universal Film Manufacturing Co. Many governors are lending their support. Governor Alfred E. Smith of this state said that he would do everything in his power as chief executive of the Empire state to aid in the campaign. The New York State Reconstruction Commission, he said, has been instructed to take up the matter with the educational department of the Universal Film Manufacturing Company and with FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Governor Smith said further that he thought every fire chief and every fire department in the state would be only too glad to devote their energies to furthering the work of this splendid campaign.

Chief George M. Bowers, Rome, N. Y.

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Rome, N. Y., Annual Report

In three instances. Chief Bowers states, he ordered owners of buildings that he regarded as fire menaces to tear them down or put them in thorough repair and in every case the building was removed entirely. He also recharged 308 fire extinguishers for citizens and had several reports of fires having been extinguished in that way, without calling the department. The chief comments on the excellent record of the department in its handling of fires, of which there were 124 alarms. The per capita loss amounted to only $1.16 which, he states, is regarded as very low by the National Board of Underwriters and by every chief. Chief Bowers recommends the building of two more fire stations and the purchase of a city service truck with truss ladders, also that the fire alarm boxes installed in 1881—20 in number should be replaced by a modern system. New batteries were provided for the fire alarm system during the year, a new 40-gallon chemical tank put on Engine No. 2, thus converting it into a triple combination, and six army gas masks were bought for the department. The following apparatus is in service: One automobile combination chemical and hose car, type 10; one automobile engine chemical and hose car, type 12; one metropolitan second size steam fire engine; one fourth size Clapp & Jones steam fire engine; one combination chemical and hose wagon; one hose wagon; one Haynes aerial truck with 56-foot ladder; one chief’s automobile (Oldsmobile); one combination chemical and hose, hose wagon and heek and ladder. There are at present seven horses in the department.

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