Annual Report of Rome Fire Department

Annual Report of Rome Fire Department

The annual report of Chief George M. Bower, of the Rome, N. Y.. Fire Department, shows that the number of alarms amounted to 160 for the year. This is 27 alarms more than in 1917, and 57 alarms more than in 1916. Box alarms, 57; telephone alarms, 97; verbal alarms, 6; number of gallons of chemical used, 915; number of feet of hose used, 31,000; number of feet of hose in the department, 10,700, all of which was tested during the month of May at 200 pounds pressure; number of fires in buildings of brick, stone or concrete. 32; fires in wooden buildings, 74; false alarms, 3; other than buildings, 45; accidental alarms, 6.

Chief George M. Bower, Rome, N. Y.

The following apparatus is in service: One automobile combination chemical and hose car, type 10; one automobile engine and hose car, type 12; one Metropolitan second-size steam fire engine; one fourth-size Clapp & Jones steam fire engine; one combination chemical and hose wagon; one Hayes aerial truck with 65-foot ladder; one chief’s automobile (Oldsmobile) ; one combination chemical and hose wagon in reserve; sleighs for two combination chemical and hose, hose wagon and hook and ladder. There are at present seven horses in the department.

At the present time the department consists of 28 paid firemen, including chief, assistant chief, electrician, two captains. two lieutenants, seven call firemen, about 100 volunteers, and three men who have answered to the call to the colors.

During the year three firemen resigned, the same three were reinstated, and four firemen were appointed. It was necessary, on account of the war conditions, to employ several as emergency firemen.

On September 24 the Board of Fire Commissioners granted to the paid firemen every third day off. So far this has given very good satisfaction, as every member on this day off has responded promptly to all alarms for fire.

Drills have been held in schools and factories and regular inspections have been made of all buildings in the fire building district. Schools, churches, and hospitals were also inspected, and considerable attention has been given to the protection of the citizens of Rome while attending opera houses and moving picture shows. In the larger houses there is always a uniformed fireman detailed to evening performances.

Chief Bower goes on to say: “At this time I wish to call your attention to the good work that has been done by the fire department in the past year. In the first place, the department has answered 160 alarms of fires, which is the largest number of alarms answered in any one year by the Rome fire department. In the second place, the amount of insurance carried on buildings and contents was $237,842.61. Fhe amount of insurance paid on buildings and contents was $24,575.15. Figuring this on a basis of 25,000 population, which in my estimation is fair, the National Board of Underwriters, with headquarters at New York City, will give the city of Rome a per capita loss of .98, which is considered by the National Board of Underwriters and every fire chief as a very low loss per capita. This record may be considered a credit to the honorable Board of Fire and Police Commissioners and every citizen of our city. On several occasions during the past year we were called upon to assist neighboring towns.”

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