Annual Reports, 1892.

Annual Reports, 1892.

Marblehead, Mass.—Report on additional water supply for city of Rockford, Ill., by J. J. Fanning, C. E., D. C. Dunlap, C. E., D. W. Mead, C. E., Commissioners.

New Orleans Water-works.—L. H. Gardner, superintendent. Contract for filter plant and two 10,000,000 pumping engines. Waste of water estimated to he one-third of amount pumped. The adoption of filter plant will increase consumption and facilitate the adoption of a meter system. The artesian well system not a success. Waters of them filthy in character. Worden tank storage above ground is unpopular. Indications are that with the accession of filter plant the hitherto muddy water of the Mississippi will be rendered potable and preferable to either rain water now stored in tanks and the artesian well waters.

Harrisburg, Pa.. Edmund Mather, President.—128 gallons daily per capita consumption, as near as can he learned by meter measurement, and by estimating plants not metered, the consumption for manufacturing purposes is 30 gallons per capita, leaving 98 gallons for domestic consumption. 327 meters were placed dur ng the year, making a total of 841 in use, 500 fire hydrants, 587 gate valves.

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